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Banned from Royal Caribbean for complaining too much

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On May - 19 - 2008


Brenda Moran speaks to WKYC reporter Mike O'Mara

Brenda Moran speaks to WKYC reporter Mike O’Mara

Cleveland residents Brenda and Gerald Moran are experienced cruisers and big fans of Royal Caribbean. They were so happy with the cruise line they averaged two cruises a year for the past three years. They even bought the company’s stock.

Still, the Morans encountered problems on each cruise — everything from a plumbing problem to being locked out of their cabins — which they itemized and detailed in correspondence to the cruise line. Royal Caribbean worked with the couple to solve problems and offered discounts and onboard credits to keep the couple’s business.

Until it decided it no longer wanted the Moran’s business.


Last November, Royal Caribbean abruptly notified the couple that they were no longer welcome on any Royal Caribbean International ship, including the company’s subsidiaries Celebrity and Azamara. Ever.

What on earth did they do to get lifetime ban? They complained, and they complained loudly.

The cruise critics

Feisty Brenda Moran is certainly one not to hold back her opinion. Over the course of three years sailing on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, she documented many problems during her cruises that ran the gamut from her birthday greeting being delivered to the wrong stateroom to her husband being locked out on the balcony for three hours because the door latch jammed.

Last September, during a 14-night Alaska and Northwest sailing onboard Radiance of the Seas, the Moran’s stateroom had a plumbing problem that ended up with sewage all over the bathroom that overflowed onto the room’s carpet. Even with cleaning, the room wasn’t acceptable. The Morans asked repeatedly to be moved to another stateroom, but was told the ship was full.

The couple did the best they could to cope. “We had to keep the balcony door open in 40-degree weather the entire cruise just so we could breathe and not smell the horrible odors,” says Brenda.

Then on the last night the couple received a letter from the ship’s hotel director apologizing for the inconvenience and offered the couple a 20 percent discount on their next cruise. The Morans felt that was fair compensation and went and booked their next cruise with the line.

When Brenda returned home she wrote her usual post-cruise review on Cruise Critic and posted notes on their forums that started vigorous feedback from fellow cruisers.

Two weeks after returning home, the Morans received a phone call from Bill Weeks, an executive assistant in customer service. Weeks apologized for the couple’s treatment and offered an additional $500 to their 20 percent discount, the Morans were very happy with the offer. Again, Brenda posted her experience with Weeks on Cruise Critic’s forums.

Some board members felt the Morans had complained their way to an unfair discount and posted their displeasure. They felt that the Morans were teaching others how to “scam” Royal Caribbean. Some went so far as to contact Royal Caribbean’s president and chief executive, Adam Goldstein to complain about the Morans getting any compensation at all.

A few weeks later the Morans received a phone call from a man named Sebastian who identified himself as Bill Weeks’ boss. Sebastian was unhappy that Brenda had posted a negative review and had shared the compensation information on Cruise Critic’s boards. He asked Brenda to take down her review “at once.” Brenda refused and cited her right to free speech.

The following day the Morans received another phone call from Sebastian stating the couple was banned forever from the cruise line. The Morans were stunned. They didn’t believe it was true until an official letter was delivered citing the ban. It also contained a $500 check — their additional promised cruise credit.

Royal Caribbean speaks

I contacted Michael Sheehan, Royal Caribbean’s associate vice president of corporate communications, to get the cruise line’s side of the story. Sheehan says since 2004, the Morans sailed six voyages with two of the company’s lines. “On all but one of those sailing the Morans felt there were a variety of service failures they experienced,” he said. “In a small number of cases we agreed and compensated them appropriately. In most cases, however, we disagreed. Having concluded that we are unable to meet the expectations of the Morans, we have told them that they would be best served by sailing with another company.”

Cruising the message boards

Royal Caribbean is certainly entitled to ban whomever from their ships. Nevertheless, to ban someone for posting their cruise experience on an Internet message board raises serious questions about the lengths the company is going to keep negative reviews from public consumption. When I asked Sheehan if Royal Caribbean has an official policy on asking negative posts to be removed from Internet forums, he denied there was a policy.

Still, Internet postings are on the mind of Royal Caribbean’s top executives. In an e-mail obtained by Tripso, one Celebrity executive cites Cruise Critic’s message boards. “They love finding fault with Azamara even when things go great,” the executive complains. “How do we get over that?”

It appears that one step the company is taking to “get over that” is to intimidate posters of negative reviews and in some cases even going so far as to contact the publishers. Paul Motter, editor of Cruise Mates, was contacted by a Royal Caribbean staffer last November to have a negative review removed or at least amended.

In the e-mail, the staffer tells him the issue with the customer was resolved and asks if he can “make changes” to the posting. Motter did not take down or amend the review.

I spoke with Laura Sterling, Cruise Critic’s chief board moderator. Sterling says in her 13 years of moderating she’s never been approached by a cruise line to remove a review. She adds, “It is our policy to not entertain requests to remove negative reviews, at the request of cruise lines or anyone else.”

I asked other cruise lines about their rules and most said they have no policy at all towards Internet posts. A Carnival spokesperson, Jennifer de la Cruz, says the line has never banned someone for posting negative reviews. But the company pays attention to online discussions. “As a company we do like to maintain a feel for what’s being discussed online,” she says. “The message boards are a great source of consumer feedback.”

Indeed, Internet feedback is a hot commodity. Last year, Carnival started its own online community with message boards along with cruise director, John Heald’s popular blog. Just two weeks ago, Royal Caribbean launched its own online community called RoyalConnect with message boards for past cruisers of the line.

So, what does all this mean for you? Simply put, when you post a cruise review on a Web site, your post is likely being read by someone at the cruise line. Most cruise lines welcome feedback, even Royal Caribbean.

But if you go too far don’t be surprised if you end up with an e-mail or phone call from the cruise line.

As for the Morans, it appears there was a light at the end of walking Royal Caribbean’s plank. They’ve discovered “Freestyle Cruising” on Norwegian Cruise Line. “They are so much better than Royal Caribbean,” says Brenda.

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221 Responses to “Banned from Royal Caribbean for complaining too much”

  1. Zac says:

    These people don’t go vacationing – they go hunting for free stuff, looking for trouble. Although the problem they had with sewage in the room is unacceptable, I will not be surprised if they caused it, so they have something to complaint about AND get a free trip or something. I’ve seen how the ships are designed and if there is a sewage problem in one room there is the same in another. I’ve seen people like this when I was serving American Airlines passengers. I was warned ahead of time when those passengers were flying. And you can see how they will do the impossible to create problems.
    When I have problems with a service – I just don’t use them again. And I’ve experienced pretty unacceptable situations with RCN – the only cable company I could use at the time – I didn’t have the choice to take my business elsewhere, unlike the Morans. But I took the stand and didn’t have cable for 2 years. Believe or not when I was buying my condo this was the first question I asked every time – What’s the cable company?
    So, the lesson? You don’t like it – don’t go there!

  2. Dave says:

    I have not read their complaints just the feedback on this site.
    As someone else mentioned “sewage equals a free cruise”!

  3. Leigh says:

    I have read the Moran ship reviews and I find that they are nothing more than a factual retelling of their experiences, both negative and positive. I have a cruise history of 85 cruises since 1985, so I am not a cruise novice. When a cruise line advertises themselves as four or five-star experiences, but delivers one-star performances, then the client has a right to be upset. However, I also quit cruising with Royal Caribbean many years ago after 14 satisfying trips with them and their predecessors, and no complaints filed. When I did complain about something in writing it became apparent that RCL was more interested in their corporate “bottom line” than retaining my customer loyalty. I did not ask for any additional compensation either. At that time I had a cruise record of about 40 cruises and we had not yet retired. They lost my future business which would have earned them far more profits, because of their really bad customer service. I have a few favorite lines now that I cruise with who value their repeat customers more than the immediate profit margin. So, it is no surprise to me that RCL attempted to negate the bad publicity (i.e. the comments about sewage odors) with $500 and a request to remove what they perceived as negative publicity. I urge any of you reading this post to read the MACOP reviews that were actually posted on Cruise Critic BEFORE offering your comments. The Morans postings were what is referred to as fair comment and posting their resolution was simply “the other part of the story.” I, personally, want to know the resolution as it helps me to judge how a cruise line deals with customer complaints. There is a reason that forum is called, “Cruise CRITIC”. Thanks to the Morans for being willing to post their comments, bad and good. And, shame on RCL, for once again, failing to recognize what customer service should be about and for showing their true colors. If you read these postings carefully, RCL, you will see at least four or five people who will not sail with you. Was it worth it to the corporate “bottom line” to lose these potential customers? In today’s economy these type of reactions may come back to bite you. You banned them because they complained and wouldn’t remove their comments. They weren’t violent or drunk or druggies or threats. They simply made fair comment on their treatment. Aren’t you being a tad insensitive, RCL, to your customers issues?

  4. Karen says:

    These people are scammers (well, at least Brenda is). I have read her reviews and her postings on various message boards. She is always looking for something for free. And I really mean looking. She used to brag on Cruise Critic that when she travelled she would bring a black light with her to scan over her accomodations – Hotels and Cruises. She even bragged how she would then get compensation. At one point members of CC alerted Celebrity Cruise Line to what she was up to and they were able to get hold of her black light prior to her boarding. She never sailed with them again.

    As far as her being a Diamond Member of RCCL, she has not taken enough cruises to be that level. She forced the Cruise line into making her that level. When she wrote her review she only mentioned a sewage “odor”, now in the news articles she is saying that it was on the carpet. Isn’t it funny that it was never mentioned in her original review when she came home from the cruise and it was fresh in her memory? But 5 or 6 months later she remembers it?

    She recently posted her review on the NCL Dawn, but I would not be surprised if she was writing to NCL Corporate with complaints from her cruise. Now, she has found out that Casinos at Sea will book rooms on NCL ships for 17% discount or possibly even free because she gambles in the casino on NCL. Guess who just lost out on probably very hard earned future commissions? Her beloved Travel Agent. The same one that supposedly just paid for Brenda and Jerry to be in an upgraded room AND also paid for the bottle of Vodka that Brenda likes to have in her stateroom upon embarkation. She is a real piece of work for certain.

    Her posts on Cruise Critic (CC) are unintelligible ramblings that nobody can understand. She writes about how she saves money and how she gets upgrades. In one of her ramblings not too long ago she posted something to the effect of “Yeah for me” and posted a story about how she basically bullied a Sears Store Manager by threatening to call the State Attorney General’s office if he did not give her a sale price or discount of some sort on 2 dresses she was purchasing for her cruise on NCL. Now if you are in a Department Store with only your cell phone and making these threats, do you really have the AG phone # pre-programmed in your phone??? I bet she does! It is quite pathetic what she does.

    At one time she wrote a story of how she was in Hawaii in a car rental office and had to wait on a 20 minute line to get her rental paperwork done. She called the office that she was standing in from her cell phone and asked for the manager to complain about the line. Not only did she get an upgrade on her rental car, she writes that she only had to pay for 1 week of her 2 week rental. Go figure.

    You can google her by her previous CC name of theawesome1 and get an eyeful. She was at one point an auxillary police officer, hence her name on CC is MACOP, but she will tell you she was a cop. She will also tell you she was an actor of sorts, a pole dancer all kinds of crazy stuff. And why won’t CC ban her? Nobody knows, but, yes they do protect her in a way. Maybe they are afraid of her own stupidity of going to the press and getting the bad press by accusations on her part.

    Before anyone here or anywhere else judges RCCL about the acitons that they took, please realize that Brenda’s shenanigans are COSTING US ALL. From the stores she frequents and bamboozles them, to the appliances she purchases, even to the cars that she buys she is getting away with this and it really has to stop.

    Oh and by the way she writes that she pays for her vehicles with cash. Not too many Americans these days can say that. Oh and for paying cash she gets “upgraded” features in her cars. The list is endless.

    I am also wondering if her plan to “out” her story was to make RCCL look bad. In my opinion it has backfired for her and now many people know her intentions and hopefully future Cruise Lines, Airlines, and Car Rental Companies will see her coming. She brought this all on herself.

  5. Carol says:

    I have read all of the above comments with great interest. I have taken three cruises, all RCCL, and they were fabulous. All of you people who are not going to cruise with RCCL because of this one couple are missing out on the vacation of a lifetime……….thousands and thousands and thousands of people cruise with RCCL every day and you are going to base your decision on the words of obviously chronic complainers. I’m glad that the Moran’s won’t be back on any of the RCCL fleet………..at least I know I won’t have the displeasure of running into them or have having to eat dinner with them for an entire cruise. If service is lacking in an area, simply don’t leave a tip……..oh, but the Moran’s probably don’t even leave tips at all. They probably feel that is their right to be waited on hand and foot and that the staff should be glad to have met them. I agree with all of you that have said Get a Life! Since I am also from Cleveland, I just hope I never have to sit near them on a plane some time.

  6. Joan P says:

    I have been following this story because I was wondering what would prompt any company to refuse a customer’s money. I was also wondering if the review might be at least part of the reason. The review wasn’t terribly scathing, so that couldn’t be it. More curious, I started reading through this woman’s posts on Cruise Critic as well as several other forums. She is obviously screaming for attention and hasn’t found a way in her life to look for it in a positive way. According to several of her her profiles (between the two handles I saw), she is a former model/dancer , (highly doubtful she’d be a model at 5’4″), TV personality, police officer, journalist, website owner, professional product tester, gossip columnist (and those are just the ones I can remember). I’m pretty sure that if her life was that fabulous, she wouldn’t be buying and posting about her Hundai.

    Obviously, this is a person with many mental problems and insecurities that she isn’t feeling validated unless she’s being fawned over. If said fawning doesn’t happen, she spins out of control. The only thing I’m not sure of is if she is addicted to the fraudulent gathering of freebies, or the attention she gets from behaving badly in public and on internet forums.

    I can read through several of the posts above, and can clearly see from the content of the comments and hideous writing style (obviously we can cross journalist off of her list of fictitious careers), that she is responsible for almost all of the positive comments here. The use of CAPITAL LETTERS for emphasis, the long and rambling commentaries with the same, vapid tone are a dead giveaway.

    Ms. Moran, the gig is up. The hotels/cruise lines/airlines have your first and last name now, so expect to be banned from many more. The only thing I could say to the cruise line is, “What took you so long”?

  7. MrPete says:

    Ms. Dunham-Potter

    When are you going to update your story with all the facts.

    Many days have passed, and it doesn’t seem you are updating any information you have since uncovered, or have been supplied.

  8. Emily says:

    First of all I have been on several cruises and would like to say that Royal Caribbean is one of the nicest lines you are going to find. Those of you who would let a MORON (yes, I spelled it correctly) keep you from experiencing RCL should be ashamed of yourselves.

    As for the Morans they shouldn’t have agreed to the 20% if they weren’t happy. They should have negotiated an acceptable compensation while the negotiations were still on the table. Once they accepted the offer RC is free and clear. The Morans came back and posted slander after the deal had been made and accepted. Plus after the slander RCL still offered up yet another compensation in the form of the $500. The real issue here is not that they used a public form to bi**h, but that they disclosed there settlement to thousands of people. The Morans should have been banned from the line. Especially complaining on 5 of the 6 cruises. Of course I don’t know how you could find all the complaints in her review. She LEFT OUT SO MANY DETAILS. I really wanted to know what time she plucked her eyebrows, and when her husband sneezed I couldn’t find that information anywhere in her incredibly short review. I would like to know what other cruise line they were kicked off of. I loved someone’s earlier comment about Carnival. I laughed so hard I cried. The Morons obviously haven’t tried Carnival yet or they would be complaining about the drunken passengers lying in vomit in the hallways. Something you will not find on RC. RC gives ample opportunity for complaints at the end of each cruise in the form of a comment card. I was contacted after my cruise to give additional feedback. I was honest and told them what was not so great, but I gave them much praise for a couple of instances where they went above and beyond the call of duty.

    In the case of Mr. Moron being locked on the balcony, I find it highly unlikely that he was left there for 3 hours. We had a similar incident with a neighbor and the first mate was there within 3 minutes.

    The Morons were complaining that they only received 6 gifts. What were they expecting? Myself and others who are frequent cruisers have only received one. They must have been REALLY annoying to get 6.

    The Irony of this whole situation is that it started with an online complaint by the Morans, and now they are being ridiculed and dissected by strangers on multiple websites.

  9. Joe Blowinski says:

    I don’t see why a cruise line can’t choose whom they will allow on board. I’m sure the other cruise lines would be glad to have those people available for their lines, unless they are on a banned list such as Las Vegas & Atlantic City casinos use. That would be discrimination just for complaining ??

  10. Mike says:

    Brenda Moran is well-known among many Internet travel forums for her complaints — the only thing different about this episode as opposed to any of her other experiences is that the company in question wouldn’t cave in to her. A google search of her username on many of these sites — “theawesome1” — will tell the average person a lot more about the type of person being described here than this unbalanced fluff piece.

  11. Steve says:

    Anyone that has been reading the cruise board for any length of time knows that this woman is a known scammer. She reports in great lengths what she does in order to receive compensation from not only cruise lines but hotels, auto makers, etc. The list goes on and on.

    She is known on the Cruise Critic boards but not in a good way. What is really sad is that Laura Sterling who runs Cruise Critic with a heavy hand protects this person. Maybe they’re sisters but many fine members of this board have been banned for life by Laura for trying to point out the lies that Ms. Moran tells.

    I had to laugh at the video. Pity the poor souls that actually believe this woman. Brenda, if you read this remember that what goes around, comes around. Karma will come back and bite you square in the butt. You can fool some people but it’s funny that 95% of the members of Cruise Critic backed up the cruise line.

    If anyone is wanting a cruise site to visit, come on over to Cruise Freeks. Free speech is not only allowed but encouraged.

  12. Tom says:

    I really hope that the reviewerswho read the Morans reviews saw that they covered all aspects of their cruise and appeared to be Royal Caribbean loyalists n spite of their varied coverage. I own a large travel company and find the censorship by RCI offensive. I am surprised that many reviewers here side with RCI. The Morans comments weren’t that bad to be honest given the especially awful experience with sewage in the cabin in particular. The compensation was not appropriate by RCI if indeed the issue left them with an open door in Alaska for two weeks. I cannot imagine how bad that could be much less the odor and unsanitary conditions. Regardless, censorship by RCI reflects the arrogance of corporate America to “cover up” legitimate BS! I also know the customer is not alway s right as I own a service company that cares about each and every detail to a fault, however, this arrogance takes RCI to a low, low level. I’m disappointed in them. God help if anyone else complains…. Anyway, enough said. I’m a happy cruiser and will continue this wonderful way of vacationing but not on RCI…

  13. Michael says:

    “This is not the Cruise Critic forum — I have chosen not to post many comments simply because they are way out of line with personal attacks. I am not going to allow mean-spirited posts on ExpertCruiser, ever! However, if you want to have a thoughtful conversation with substance post away.”

    As far as I can tell, the definition of “substance” does NOT include questioning the credibility of the Morans — right?

  14. Christine says:

    And yet, many of you are missing the point.

    They disclosed their compensation – a big no-no – and continued to complain.

    The reviews are pretty factual, and yet every little thing that was not quite “right” was mentioned. Seems fishy there.

    They kept going back, despite the numerous cruise lines there are to choose from.

    And every business reserves the right to refuse service to ANYone. They were well within their rights.

  15. Jack Williams says:

    Leigh, with great respect you say you’ve read the reviews. Did you compare her review on Cruise Critic with the account told to the press recently? Her review says there was a sewage smell. This latest account say there was raw sewage in her stateroom. Not quite the same. What to believe? A lot of changes to her stories in many of her posts, both on Cruise Critic and elsewhere. They litter the internet. It’s not hard to find the inconsistencies and inaccuracies in her stories that she posts.

    Just someone else trying to get something for nothing, playing the victim (with poor acting in the clip I’ve seen). Some areas of the press have been taken in by it. Poor research in my view. Others have seen it for what it is. NCL, I hope you are taking note of what you see and come to the right conclusion. Either Moran shapes up and acts like an ordinary consumer or she’ll be told the same as she has with Royal Caribbean.

  16. Patrick says:

    I would ban Mrs. Moran anyway because she is the ugliest woman I’ve even laid eyes upon. She might turn the other passengers into stone!

  17. Bob says:

    Bad things happen to bad people, too! Morans must think they are perfect people. RCC could demanded that they keep their mouth shut if they accepted compensation. And of course they should focus on improving their service as well.

  18. Server Sam says:

    I work at a resturuant were Brenda and her husband frequent. NOBODY ever wants to wait on them because they know she is going to complain. She rarly tells management of the complaint, choosing rather the internet or the 1-800 number because she knows she will get more. I cant tell you how many times she has paid with free gift certificates and then complains just to get more gift certs. She is insane, and she constantly costs hard working managers thier bonus, because part of the program is based on complaint percentages. If there is an issue, let the manager or the server fix while you are there. I wish we would take RC advice and just tell here to go somewhere else. FYI her husband is a saint.

  19. Debby says:

    With having over 25 cruises under my belt 17 with RCL and Celebrity, I feel RCL was in the right to ban the Moran’s. Yes, problems occur at sea.Cruise ships are floating resorts but are limited in what they can do at sea. The cruise lines do everything they can to insure you have a pleasant and safe voyage. That being said the the old addage is true “You can’t please all the people all the time, only some of the people some of the time.” Seeing that they could not please the Moran’s, RCL probably felt it was best they find another line to cruise. I thought it was gracious of RCL to give them a check for the $500.00. They could have just said “Access Denied” To the posts that said they would not cruise RCL, don’t you think it’s unfair to say that you won’t use them without trying them first.
    Happy Cruising 🙂

  20. simon says:

    I think a lot of the problem here is that Brenda Moran’s reviews on cruisecritic, are decent reviews, they outline the good and the bad, however her postings on cruisecritic and elsewhere, along with her complaints to the cruise line, are totally different to her review, ie, in her review she had a sewage smell in her room all cruise long, in her postings and complaints, she had raw sewage discharged into her room that soaked the carpet, now which was it?? I suggest that people read some of her postings on cruisecritic, her screen name is MACOP, she used to post under theawesome1, but was banned, and then make their decision about the Morans. Also try and find out why she no longer sails Carnival or Princess. There a 3 sides to every story, your side, myside and the truth and journalists and people on these types of forums, need to realise that

  21. Kat says:

    After reading B. Moran’s reviews and the article, I feel that while BM is a major complainer, being kicked off the cruise line may have been harsh. I have to admit that I would have b*tched a lot louder about the sewer in my room (20% discount?! That’s it?!!?), but her other complaints are just whiny. I mean, b*tching about the quality of gifts?! Please! At least she’s getting gifts. Many cruisers do not receive anything and are just happy for the experience.

    It’s clear BM will never be satisfied with everything, but it’s nothing to get kicked off a cruiseline for. On the flip side, to defend NCL, after so much complaining, I’d tell her to go away, too.

    However, NCL demanding negative comments to be removed from blogs…? No way, NCL! Maybe if you don’t want negative comments, you’ll fix up your cruises.

  22. Kat says:

    Oops… I believe I wrote NCL when I meant RCL. My apologies to NCL for the mixup.

  23. Now i think people should have the right to complain but to be honest it really irritates me when people winge and whine.

  24. Looking 4 Nirvana says:

    I definitely felt the article was biased and not enough background research was done to pull out the base details. We’ve got a poster who is very active yet only a small percentage of her posts make any sense. I don’t know if she posts after taken some medication or not.That might be the case. But she rarely gave out any bit of useful information on the roll call threads. Everyone was talking about flight schedules and she’d be talkng about her diamond ring and the snow blower. We were always like “what is she saying’? It was always something totally nonsensical. It makes the other posters feel like we’re babysitting a babbling baby. It’s very uncomfortable.

    What is frightening to me is she has made herself believe she was a retired policewoman when this was not true at all. She only worked an auxilliary job and they had to cut ties with her, too. She told many people at the Meet & Mingle that she was an undercover cop and had worked as a pretend-prostitute. She also took one of the M&M guests (a large male) and threw him up against a wall and frisked him — just because she wanted to show him she could do it. She’s really a frightening person to be around.

    I’m not going to say she mentally unbalanced but I believe it’s way past time for her to get a mental heath check-up and possibly get on a path where she can be healed.

    I’ve had a little problem before with the toilet sending off an unpleasant smell, but it never backed up and it didn’t flood the room. It didn’t flood Brenda’s room, either. They came and fixed it. That should have ended it.

    Best wishes to you if you’re reading this. Please make an appointment for a check-up and get the help you need.

    People do things like lie and make up stories because they have very low self-esteem. I hope she will find a way to pull herself up from this and make a better life for herself and for all around her. It can’t be easy living the way she does under this cloud.

  25. This is such a great post!
    i love it…i love it…

  26. I seriously cannot believe this happened, but at least they sent her the check. I think the company is getting too much heat on these comments. They gave her a refund (at least partial) and exercised their right to pick who they allow onto their ships.

  27. Annie says:

    I used to be a travel agent and I dealt with Royal Caribbean a lot. I have to say they were the best cruise line when it came to customer service. Even though there might have been problems, they always took responsibility and fairly compensated!! I am now a travel blogger and critic. I am not your normal travel critic, I actually get excited to give a good review, although sometimes not as interesting. I would love to sail on RCL and give them a review. I know through years of working with them that I can count on a great experience.
    They were smart to ban unruly complainers that could ruin the cruise for others.

  28. Sebastian (not the one from the text :-) says:

    I would say that the Morans are not very different from the average American who always complains. Whenever there is something wrong, be it just some tiny, absolutely unimportant issue, Americans complain. And as a service provider, even if you fix it immediately and the customer is not harmed or disturbed whatsoever, you are always being asked for compensation by Americans. I have never ever had Europeans complaining that much or asking for compensation (of course we gave something to them if we thought it was necessary).

    I worked in different hotels throghout the world and I think that I can objectively tell you that the Morans are not so different from you all…they just didn’t know when they should have stopped.

  29. I never thought i will find this much information on today. Nice post mate – keep up the good work.

  30. oyun indir says:

    i would say sewage in your cabin is bad health wise,could have caused big health issues.they should have got the captains rooms,let him decide if that is what you pay for. they spent their hard earned money,plus gave the liner plenty of business,maybe told friends about their cruises,more buiness,but their name fit the bill.i will never use that liner ever again.thanks for the heads-up.

    and you can read Brenda Moran’s Royal Carribean reviews here:


  31. diane says:

    I have cruised over 30 times over the past 40 years. We have cruised with many different cuise lines, some that are no longer in service. Yes things may go wrong and no life is not going to be perfect however one must remember why they like to cuise and what they want out of it then select the cruise line that will best provide positive results.

    Some people like to go in style and class, some want as few kids as possible, some go for the ports of call and activities, some want a relaxed, party hearty atmosphere, etc.. I for one am skeptical if cruises can continue to offer me what I want and much of this is probably because I compare them to what it was like in my younger years.

    I have cruised twice with RCL over the past 10 months and It is my opinion that RCL over the past few years has lost much of it’s focus on cleanliness, quality of service and accommodations.

    I cruise to get lost in a fantasy, a paradise where I can be treated like a queen, have fun, feel safe, not so much for the ports of call. But over the past few years I have seen quality decline on RCL. I use to tell everyone I knew or met, if you want to cruise go with RCL. I no longer suggest any line.

    RCL use to be unique, they were the go to guy that you could count on for the highest quality of service, food, safety, accommadtions, etc. they always went the extra step to give you that “special feeling” , that they appreciated your business. I always could count of RCL to be clean, safe and outstanding in all aspects of customer service but now just as you see everywhere in our society, it is about bigger (more revenue), cheaper (do less and give less) and lower standards. In many arenas customer no longer comes first. I am not saying that RCL is bad I am just saying they have become routine, no different than the other lines.

    Now I have 2 choices, either accept this or avoid cruising. It is much like the airline industry, the customers use to be considered a valued assett and all the ameneties, accommodations, etc. were geared toward each customer’s satisfaction. This is no longer the case in either arena, we are now the herd that willing are led to pasture and comapnies act as if they are doing us the favor. Travel by air or cruise ship was a luxury, something we got excited about, saved up for and looked forward to. Now it is expected, people are made to feel like we are doing them the favor by allowing them to service us.

    When companies start to slip and follow rather than lead in any industry they become just like the rest of the kids on the block so then why would I opt to pay you for mediocre & routine?

    I have gone to Disneyworld at least once a year if not more since they have opened, companies need to take a lesson from them. NEVER has it been dirty, never have I been made to feel like the staff or company did me a favor by allowing me visit, etc.

    Anyway, that’s my thoughts for what they are worth
    good luck to all

  32. kpk says:

    People in general seem to want something for nothing all the time. I do think the couple should have voiced their concerns over the sewage problem but after they were compensated, they shouldn’t have aired the problem for all to read.

  33. Gary says:

    I have been on over l0 cruises with Royal Carribean, just got back last week from Mariner of the Seas, all were great. It seems the
    Moran’s are like the guy who slips in the bathroom and then wants to sue everyone. They complained to be compensated period. Glad they were not at my supper table, I am sure non of the great food would satisfy them.

  34. Bozak says:

    Freedom of speech?
    Is congress passing a law?
    Instead of a cruise maybe the complainer should take a basic civics class at the local community college.

  35. It would be great to hear the versions from either side. Some people blindly crib about virtually everything when it comes to paid laxury. Reminds me of a sportsman (begger turned richie) who fought the management of a Five star laxury hotel in Bangalore here about a slightly noisy air conditioner.

    On the other hand, these high profile cruisers must be owned by biggies and gamblers. They may have their own rules as well…


  36. Syria says:

    harm only happen to bad people, too! Morons must think they are perfect people. RCC could demanded that they keep their mouth closed if they accepted repayment. Although they should focus more on improving their service as well.

  37. Bob says:

    I read the travel reviews carefully prior to booking any travel. I appreciate all comments..good and bad. It really helps me make good choices. Just knowing that Royal Caribbean banned you for complaining makes me question my booking any fiture travel with that company. I question the truth now about any comment made about Royal Caribbean. I also had a similar experience with another tour company. I had taken 5 excellent tours with this company. I had even recommended them to friends. However, my 6th tour was a disaster. Many things went wrong. Poor tour guide, skipped several advertised places, lost luggage, etc. It was so bad that I called the tour company while we were on the tour..and again after the tour. I wanted to know what went wrong. I was told that “this company did not want my business anymore.” I wasn’t looking for any money, just an apology and an explanation. Instead I was told to go away. Well, I am still traveling. And, I am not using that rude tour company again. There are many other cruiselines and tour companies ready to take your business.

  38. Game Sanders says:

    I don’t get it, if the trips were so bad that they had to keep on complaining, then why would they keep going back? I think they deserve it.

  39. complaining is natural. You spend so much money to even get on the cruise and then cross your fingures that you didn’t get the bad room whose door never closes right until you run full force into it.

    And the worst part is somtimes the person in front of you gets the royal treatment when they complain and then you get there to put your complaint in and they hit you with the old ‘Oh thats policy, there is nothing we can do about that’

  40. Mike K says:

    I think they were trying to take advantage and is it the right of the company to refure to provide services to whomever so they choose as long as it is not based on race, religion, or anything like that. In this case, I think they were justified.

  41. Blue Benz says:

    Complain is good for you and for them.
    Too much complain is terrible, for you and for them also !!
    Nobody perfect, nothing perfect and the bussiness must go on.

    May be they can learn something there. RC must save their bussiness and they offering a well enough to the couple.


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