Gold-by-the-inch – “It’s crappy junk!”

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On February - 4 - 2009

Reader Janice Paters wrote to me stating that she had bought a gold-by-the-inch necklace during her last Carnival cruise in August. A few months later the necklace turned green, which made her turn red. “It’s crappy junk,” she said.

On every big ship cruise passengers are subjected to the incessant fliers and announcements touting onboard gold-by-the-inch promotions. You’ll see the displays in the ship’s atrium — tables full of huge spools with glittering chain designs. The promotions are very popular and usually people are lined up to buy them. Janice admits she followed the crowd and liked what she saw. However, the big selling point for her was the salesgirl telling her that all gold-by-the-inch is guaranteed for life. She paid $45 for the necklace and enjoyed it for two months before it lost its luster.

Now, Janice is stuck with a “greenish metallic necklace” and wonders why she ever purchased it in the first place. Janice contacted Carnival who in turn told her where to send the necklace. She sent in her necklace and a week later she received a new one. “I was shocked. I didn’t think they would replace it,” she said. She’s happy with the replacement, but wonders how long it will take until the new one turns green.

If you like faux bling more power to you. Just understand you may have to have the items replaced. Also, if you give these items as a gift be upfront that it’s not real gold. As one reader found out the hard way when passing off a by-the-inch bracelet to his fiancé as the real thing. “It turned her wrist green and I no longer have a fiancé.”

Remember you get what you pay for.

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