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Alaska to cruise lines – clean up or don’t come

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On March - 28 - 2008

Cruising in AlaskaStarting this year, ships sailing Alaska waters will be required to obtain permits to discharge their waste in the state’s waters. State regulators say the stricter standards are required by the cruise ship ballot initiative passed in 2006.

Among its many provisions, the initiative required that the state develop a wastewater permit for cruise ships.The permit has more stringent standards for certain pollutants, including copper and ammonia, than is required for Alaska’s drinking water, or for industries and cities that discharge treated sewage into the state’s waters.

Problem is cruise lines say they can’t comply because the necessary treatment technology isn’t yet available for cruise ships. If the standards aren’t changed many ships are likely to detour outside of Alaska waters to discharge their treated wastewater, and that could shorten the amount of time they spend in Alaska ports say cruise lines.

Read the entire story in the Anchorage Daily News.

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