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Are these the reasons Vicki Freed left Carnival?

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On January - 21 - 2008

Vicki FreedI was chatting with some Carnival folks over the Vicki Freed situation. Clearly, her leaving took them by surprise. One person that is familiar with the situation stated that Vicki was offered a lot of money to work at Royal Caribbean. I give the folks at Carnival a lot of credit; they are handling the situation with a lot of class and dignity. They truly wish her well at her new position.

Meanwhile, a Miami cruise insider e-mailed me that Vicki’s jumping ship may be more about sour grapes. This person presented a compelling timeline: “Bob Dickinson announces his retirement in July then Gerry Cahill is immediately appointed president and ceo. In October, Ruben Rodriguez, an industry outsider, is hired as executive vice president of marketing and guest experience — taking the marketing title away from Vicki. In November, Royal Caribbean announces that Lisa Bauer is being moved to senior vice president of hotel operations. Royal Caribbean then stated that the senior vice president of sales would be filled by an outside, to-be-named candidate. After 29 years, Vicki leaves Carnival for Royal Caribbean. Seems Vicki was planning this for months.”

When I asked the Carnival folks if this was possible, they stated it could be. One noted that she probably didn’t take the Royal Caribbean job back in November in order to finish out the year and collect her substantial Carnival year-end bonus.


Both sources say that her leaving had nothing to do with Carnival changing strategy for the travel agent community. As one Carnival person noted, “We need travel agents to distribute our product. Going completely direct to the consumer makes no sense since the costs to set up and maintain a lot of reservations centers are too expensive.”

So, somewhere between the office, the boardroom, and the bank, it hit Vicki. So she got out to ‘Get out there.’

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2 Responses to “Are these the reasons Vicki Freed left Carnival?”

  1. Not Important says:

    It was a shock. She was a great person and an industry leader. She will be missed at the office. We all wish her lots of success. Carnival will be fine and so will she.

  2. This really came to me as a shock i was never expecting it


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