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Bloggers Cruise – Football and formal night

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On January - 20 - 2008

Football fans on Carnival Freedom’s deck (photo by Anita Dunham-Potter) It’s a cool, cloudy, and rough day at sea. As I walked around the ship this morning people were looking a bit haggard. Was it seasickness or hangovers? I am inclined to believe it was the latter – people were partying hardy last night .

John’s “Morning Show” was a riot and is always a good way to start off the morning. Because of the not so stellar weather working out in the gym this morning was impossible. Every piece of equipment was being used and for a long time. I gave up after 20 minutes of waiting and took a long walk on the jogging track. I am hoping the Splendor has a bigger gym.

Blogging from the Bloggers Cruise — all geeks on deck (Photo by Anita Dunham-Potter)Tonight is formal night along with the two championship NFL games. There are a lot of football fans onboard, and the chilly weather on deck is not keeping them from watching the Patriots-Chargers and Packers-Giants game on the big screen. I saw a lot of blankets out on deck. Still it’s a lot warmer on the Carnival Freedom than it is in Green Bay or Foxboro.

Up next Cozumel.

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2 Responses to “Bloggers Cruise – Football and formal night”

  1. Nanette says:

    Keep writing!! Im one of the bloogers that couldnt go in this cruise and all the info is appreciated.

  2. Dang, I wish I could have gone on that cruise. It sounds like you had a blast.


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