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Blogging from the “Bloggers Cruise”

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On January - 19 - 2008

John Heald talking to the Bloggers (Photo by Anita Dunham-Potter)It’s a great first night onboard the Carnival Freedom as we’re moving along at a fair clip on our way to Cozumel, Mexico. I am thrilled we have a day at sea tomorrow – it’s always great to ease into a cruise then to start off on a sprint.
Earlier today I finally had the opportunity to meet so many of the folks that post on John Heald’s blog. What a terrific group of people. Approximately 80 bloggers are onboard and they are all here for one thing and one ‘thingy’ only – John Heald. He is their rock star, and rightfully so. This man has a worldwide posse and it’s all due to his infectious personality and genuine affection for the guests onboard.

Bloggers Cruise LogoNow, here’s some exciting news about the 2009 “Bloggers Cruise” it will be on the totally revamped Fantasy sailing from New Orleans. Additionally, John and Carnival have hooked up with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s charity foundation called “Making it Right,” which helps the ongoing efforts to rebuild New Orleans. It is hoped that many bloggers going on that cruise will be able to come into New Orleans prior to sailing in order to help out with the rebuilding efforts. I think this is a terrific and noble idea – sign me up!

Now, Angelina Jolie – will she be the godmother of the new Carnival Splendor? Carnival officials currently onboard my cruise will neither confirm nor deny if she is indeed doing the honors. Nevertheless, with all the big smiles I got after asking “is she” I came away with the impression that it’s a done deal and she’s onboard. Stay tuned for more blogs from the “Bloggers Cruise”…

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  1. I did not know they had cruises just for bloggers. I so wanna go. Especially if the delicious Angelina Jolie is onboard. Too bad it already past 🙁


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