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Buried in a tsunami of e-mails

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On May - 19 - 2008

OyDid you have a boring Monday? Mine certainly wasn’t! My story today on the couple being banned from Royal Caribbean has caused a tsunami of e-mails. Who knew that writing a column about complaining would cause people to write e-mails (and very long ones at that) complaining about the complaining? What do you think? Tell me here. And, if you’ve already written me, I promise I will get back to you!!

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5 Responses to “Buried in a tsunami of e-mails”

  1. MM says:

    I am a member of Cruise Critic, and believe me, the story is NOTHING like what Brenda has said to you or anyone else who will listen.

    For years she has posted rants and ramblings that go nowhere.

    She has boasted, BOASTED, about taking a blacklight on board, “checking out” her cabin, then going to the Purser’s Desk to DEMAND an upgraded cabin as compensation for not going to the press about “what she has found.”

    She likewise boasts about “squeezing” compensation out of Royal Caribbean. Every time she rants online about some perceived slight on a cruise, dozens of people who sailed on that same cruise, even in cabins adjacent to hers, contradict her reports.

    She screams at Guest Relations staff and demands attention and perks to which she is not entitled.

    Frankly, no one on Cruise Critic was surprised when RC finally banned her. We could all see it coming a mile away.

    Right now she is terrorizing the NCL board. Good luck to all of them!

  2. John F says:

    At this point, I might be concerned that the Morans might be looking for EC and Tripso to turn off the comments as it seems they are being drug through the mud.

  3. Sherril says:

    I have cruised with Disney Cruise Line and Royal Carribean Cruise Line and am planning my 3rd cruise for July. I was very pleased with the cruise I took with Royal Carribean last summer. I had no complaints with them or Disney. I had a great time and just wished that it was a little longer. The people were great and the service that we received was top notch. It sounds like these people wanted everything just handed to them. It seemed like Royal Carribean did everything they could do at the time of their complaints that they could and then some, but it just didn’t seem to be enough. They just need to get a life!!!!!!!

  4. -hh says:

    There’s a few interesting points in this topic.

    First, there are most definitely consumers (such as the Morans) who will not hesitate to exploit any excuse to try to lever a cost concession. In this regards, Royal Caribbean is better off without them and does have the right to decline their business.

    However, there is also an issue with ‘freedom of opinion’ on discussion groups. It is safe to say that literally no discussion group has been free of pressure from special interests to delete or amend existing comments, which frequently leads to censorship issues.

    There is an old saying that the Internet interprets censorship as network damage and routes around it.

    This is why business-hosted message boards are a bad idea: the temptation to control the content through censorship is inevitable, and the company can only get a black eye as the result of suppressing complaints, since it is also inevitable that some of them will be 100% legitimate.

    One of the underlying problems here is that all businesses will have some problems that aren’t cost-effective to fix, so they are tempted to ask their dissatisfied customers to ‘bear with them’, frequently expressing surprise at what is actually a well-known problem. Due to the communication power of the Internet, there have already been instances where businesses have been caught telling dozens of people “Gosh, you’re the first one that this has ever happened to!”. Why do they use this approach? Well it does have the effect of smoothing things over in the near term … but more importantly, to minimize financial recompense in the longer term.

    However, the downside risk is that this “you’re the first” claim gets tested by the collaborative power of 21st Century communications, and if the business was lying about a recurring problem, then they can get nailed a second time …much harder… for having the audacity to lie to multiple customers.

    This is not the case here with Royal Caribbean, but the amazing part is that a surprising number of companies still “Don’t Get It”. Here, RC was in a pattern of responding to individual complaints – – their failure was in not seeing that there was a pattern until it was pointed out to them by other consumers who complained about preferential treatment.

    Personally, I have no ill will per se about the Morans, but will comment that as Grandmom said: “You made your bed, now lie in it”. Their behavior is now part of the public record, just as is how they made Royal Caribbean’s: to abuse one final cliche, its a two way street.


  5. Zarifa says:

    People should read this.


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