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During today’s press conference aboard the new Seabourn Odyssey, Carnival Corporation’s Micky Arison was asked whether the company intended to sue the state of Alaska over the controversial cruise ship passenger head tax. Indeed, it looks like a go for a class action suit on behalf of the cruise industry. The potential suit has more substance in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling that slapped down the city of Valdez’s tax on oil tankers.

“The cruise industry has maintained the referendum (head tax) is unconstitutional all along,” Arison stated. He added that cruise lines had tried other avenues without taking legal action to convince Alaska’s legislators against the tax, but to no avail. Even prior to the Valdez decision, the cruise industry was looking at alternatives. “Our intention is to file litigation pretty soon. We’ve pretty much exhausted all outlets,” said Arison. He then added, “The governor (Sarah Palin) needs to concentrate on Alaska and stop running for president.”

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3 Responses to “Carnival’s Arison: Sarah Palin needs to concentrate on Alaska and stop running for president”

  1. Brianna says:

    I think Sarah Palin just needs more experience and has to do more “homework”. So she might be a far better politician. But at her current state she really would have been a bad vice president.

  2. Fred Richards says:

    Mickey Arison’s comments should be taken for what they are. The words of a greedy profiteer who could give a damn about environmental impact or otherwise soiling the pristine landscape of Alaska so long as he fattens his already bloated bank account. Let us not forget that it is no one other than Mr. Arison who has milked every possible penny out of cruise passengers. Under Arison’s misleadership, cruising has lost the subtle and relaxing mystique that made it a unique vacation. Perhaps Mickey ought to clean his own house.

  3. Marie says:

    actually i like Sarah Palin very much. she is a very good role model for all women. i believe that she is a great politician and did something very well in Alaska.


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