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Carnival bloggers’ cruise day 3: Psst, do you want a scope-tini?

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On February - 9 - 2009

The morning started off brilliant. As I was doing my 6 AM walk around the track on the Sun Deck a huge full moon was setting and the sky was becoming pink from the rising sun, which changed the seas from dark blue, to pink, to turquoise. Then all of the sudden my knee gave way. It’s been a problem for awhile now. I limped back to my stateroom and looked down at the softball size swelling. Not good. That was it – my day in Progreso, Mexico was shot. I was set to do a tour to the ancient Mayan ruins of Uxmal and thought it may not be a good idea to climb around ancient ruins with a bum knee. So, I opted to spend the day onboard.

Most passengers went off the ship to do tours of the ruins Chitzen Itza, Dzibilchaltun, shop in Merida or take a beach break. Still, there were a number of passengers that chose to stay onboard and enjoy the ship. I opted to lounge in the ship’s new Serenity area. Located aft on the Promenade Deck this adults-only area is a haven away from the loud main pool. Offering magnificent ocean vistas, the area features cushy chaise lounges and chairs, yellow oversized umbrellas, two whirlpools, and a separate area where guests can relax in shaded comfort. There is also bar service, thought it wasn’t being used very much because it seems a number of passengers had their own stash.

As I sat under an umbrella sipping lemonade and reading a bad book, I heard a “psst” sound to my right. I looked over where an elderly gentleman held up a flask. “Here have some of this Jack,” he said. I giggled and politely said “no thanks”. Then his wife said if I didn’t like Jack (as in Daniels) she had scope-tinis. “Scope-tinis?” “Yeah, that’s how I get my liquor on the boat,” she said. She then described what it was – an old Scope mouthwash bottle filled with gin then she added drops of green food coloring. Talk about subterfuge!!! You have to love the ingenuity of some folks. I had heard of people doing this, but I’ve never seen it before until today.

Carnival like most cruise lines doesn’t allow passengers to bring their own liquor aboard – you can bring wine onboard, but you’ll pay a corkage fee in the dining room. Let’s face it; a lot of people sneak their own booze on board. If they’re smart about it they won’t get caught. Most important, as the ship’s comedian Lewis Nixon noted during last night’s show: “Don’t get off the boat before it gets into port.”

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