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Confessions of a very jet-lagged travel writer

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On December - 17 - 2007

Norwegian Gem in Boston’s snowstormHoliday greetings! I am thrilled to be back in the safe confines of my home office in Pennsylvania. The snow has dusted the landscape and the trees glisten with ice – truly beautiful and puts me in the holiday spirit.

Over the past fifteen days I have visited three ships and have logged 11 flights and racking up some 22,000 miles! From the Caribbean, Europe, Boston and back it has been a wild two weeks and I am just glad to be home.

Now about the ships. I could not have visited three more different vessels than the Royal Clipper, Queen Victoria, and Norwegian Gem. All are spectacular in their own way, but if I had to pick my favorite it would be hands down the Royal Clipper. This ship has stolen my heart and has become my favorite all-time cruise ship. I realize that’s a bold statement coming from someone who writes about cruise ships for a living; however, the vessel is so unique, the crew so friendly, and the best itinerary I’ve sailed in years (The Grenadines), I’d be crazy not to cruise the line again. There’s no doubt I’ll be sailing on Royal Clipper or one of her sister ships (Star Flyer and Star Clipper) in the coming year and beyond.

Here are 10 things I think:

  1. British press should get off Camilla. For heaven’s sake leave the poor woman alone.
  2. Norwegian Cruise Line’s new “It Girl” Norwegian Gem” is a fun ship with the most amazing alternative dining venues in the industry. Don’t miss the teppanyaki experience.
  3. United Airlines Business Class on its 777 is horrible. Broken seats, no laptop power, loud flight attendants – worst flight I’ve had in years. I was told their new business class seats are on their 767 fleet and coming to the 777.
  4. Air Canada’s Executive First is fantastic!! Best business class in the skies and I am a big Lufthansa fan. If you have a choice in biz class go through Toronto, you won’t be disappointed.
  5. Thanks R. Son, US Airways Boston ticket agent, for getting me on earlier flights so I would get home before the snow storm hit Pittsburgh. Best airline employees in the skies are at US Airways.
  6. Philadelphia Airport – keep it up with the fun marching bands playing music up and down the concourses. It really lightened up the passenger mood.
  7. A big hug to my seatmate Bob, who was flying to Pittsburgh from Jacksonville to see his Jaguars play. Thanks for being a true gentleman and getting my heavy, fat carry-on out of the overhead. Lastly, congrats on the Jags win over my lethargic Steelers.
  8. Heathrow was a joy to get through security within 10 minutes. I was later told by employees that Tuesday is a great day to fly in and out of the airport since there are few Middle Eastern flights arriving and departing. Interesting.
  9. Check out my photo of the snow on the Norwegian Gem’s deck during my two day cruise out of Boston. Perhaps NCL should convert the water slide into a bobsled course!
  10. Barbados Airport – get your customs and immigration in order. There is no excuse for arriving passengers to stand in line over 90-minutes. All of us were hot and miserable; this was not the welcome to Barbados we hoped for.

Until next blog, Happy Holidays!!

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3 Responses to “Confessions of a very jet-lagged travel writer”

  1. Tomelloso says:

    Hi, I plain make a travel like this and you info is very useful for me. Thanks to this post I will travel biz class through Toronto. After I will return to this to comment my experience.

  2. Bruce Hopkins says:

    Indeed Air Canada’s 777’s are very nice. Went YYZ-LHR and found them to be amazing. Nice to see another positive experience on Air Canada. They so much bad press.

  3. cruceros says:

    Air Canada’s Executive First class is fantastic


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