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Cruise line fuel surcharges coming back?

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On June - 11 - 2009

Last summer cruise lines, like airlines, were struggling with the rising cost of fuel. To combat the expense, the industry instituted hefty fuel surcharges upon passengers. As fuel prices subsided cruise lines revoked the fuel surcharge. But now oil prices are again rising – so will the cruise industry reinstate the fuel surcharge? It’s possible.

While cruise lines stopped the surcharges the majority noted that they reserve the right to reinstate them if needed. Carnival Corporation and CEO, Micky Arison stated that at the time the company suspended fuel supplements for its six North American brands, they reserved the right to reinstate them if the price of light sweet crude oil, according to the NYMEX, should increase above $70 per barrel. “While we have now exceeded that threshold, in light of the economic crisis and resulting consumer weakness, we presently have no plans to institute a fuel supplement”, said Arison. He added that the company will continue to monitor the situation in the markets and review the company’s position as the situation warrants.

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2 Responses to “Cruise line fuel surcharges coming back?”

  1. Nepal1st.com says:

    As you mentioned that cruise operators may increased their fuel surcharges in the events of oil price hike. At this moment i don’t think they should do so as we all know the market is still lucrative and not at stablised. Airlines are suffering from the high operating cost and compititions around the world. We suggest travellers to find the alternate means of travel and vacations such as trekking in nepal, white water rafting or mountain climbings rather than flying to many places and going on a expensive cruise trips. get more informations on Nepal Here

  2. Retro Sweets says:

    TBH I think this is fare, I am seeing economic downturn and doom and gloom actually being used by many brands, certainly in the UK, to put a nice spin on the company. Surcharges have an impact on profit as does good PR so why not sit back and calculate how much an increase would net you against what some good publicity will.


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