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G.A.P. MV Explorer wreck located in Antarctic waters

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On January - 30 - 2008

GAP Explorer sinking off Antarctica (Photo courtesy of Chilean Navy via AP) According to Seatrade Insider, the Royal Navy ship HMS Endurance has located the wreck of the G.A.P. MV Explorer which sank in November off Antarctica. Fortunately all 86 passengers and 66 crew members were safely rescued and taken to a Chilean navy base on King George Island.

GAP Explorer sinking (Photo by Chilean Air Force via AP) HMS Endurance confirmed the Explorer wreck position to be at the northwest end of the Bransfield Strait, at a depth of approximately 1,130 meters (3707.35 feet). Royal Navy officials say that the depth of the wreck poses no hazard to shipping.

Apart from the oil slick, no debris was seen in the water and no debris was observed on any of the adjacent land in the vicinity of the wreck also visited by personnel from the Royal Navy ship.

Endurance is on an 18-month deployment in the region on Antarctic Treaty obligations, gathering survey data for United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and supporting the scientific research of the British Antarctic Survey. The collated data is fed back and processed at UKHO and drawn into charts used by mariners visiting and working in Antarctica.

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