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Gimme more: NCL raises fuel surcharge

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On April - 18 - 2008

Scowling man Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) announced that it will be increasing its fuel supplement. The new amount will be $9 per person, per day for the first and second passenger in a stateroom and $4 per person, per day for any additional guests in the same room.

The new figure applies to new individual bookings and group bookings made on or after May 1. The increased supplement will also apply to group space held prior to May 1, without specific names and full confirming deposit by April 30.

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2 Responses to “Gimme more: NCL raises fuel surcharge”

  1. Paulineh says:

    I think the $9 is a bit steep and the increase from Carnival from $5-7 is a little better but still too much. I accept that fuel charges have gone up and that maybe a charge has to be included per person but $7-9 per day is a bit much. I can see it being increased regularly like Carnival has done recently.

    Its another item you have to include in your budgeting for a cruise. Im not a drinker so this amount would probably be what I spend a day on my beverage bill.
    If the fuel charges keep increasing some people may think twice about cruising compared to land based vacations.


  2. Adam Gurney says:

    The increase in it isn’t that huge but it is still for people who cruise on a regular basis. Everyone wants money, so they want more and more.


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