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Gold-by-the-inch – “It’s crappy junk!”

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On February - 4 - 2009

Reader Janice Paters wrote to me stating that she had bought a gold-by-the-inch necklace during her last Carnival cruise in August. A few months later the necklace turned green, which made her turn red. “It’s crappy junk,” she said.

On every big ship cruise passengers are subjected to the incessant fliers and announcements touting onboard gold-by-the-inch promotions. You’ll see the displays in the ship’s atrium — tables full of huge spools with glittering chain designs. The promotions are very popular and usually people are lined up to buy them. Janice admits she followed the crowd and liked what she saw. However, the big selling point for her was the salesgirl telling her that all gold-by-the-inch is guaranteed for life. She paid $45 for the necklace and enjoyed it for two months before it lost its luster.

Now, Janice is stuck with a “greenish metallic necklace” and wonders why she ever purchased it in the first place. Janice contacted Carnival who in turn told her where to send the necklace. She sent in her necklace and a week later she received a new one. “I was shocked. I didn’t think they would replace it,” she said. She’s happy with the replacement, but wonders how long it will take until the new one turns green.

If you like faux bling more power to you. Just understand you may have to have the items replaced. Also, if you give these items as a gift be upfront that it’s not real gold. As one reader found out the hard way when passing off a by-the-inch bracelet to his fiancé as the real thing. “It turned her wrist green and I no longer have a fiancé.”

Remember you get what you pay for.

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20 Responses to “Gold-by-the-inch – “It’s crappy junk!””

  1. Donna Hull says:

    It’s tempting to buy that glittery bling while on a cruise especially when there are plenty of customers hovering around the displays. As long as you think of it as a souvenir rather than fine jewelry, you’ll be ok. My 91-year-old mother-in-law loves shopping at those displays.

  2. BB Howard says:

    What’s your problem!? I think the chains are great. you sound eleetest.

  3. June Eaton says:

    I agree with the lady that wrote in, the stuff is just awful! I don’t know why people line up to buy it. Totally tacky.

  4. Hello!

    BB Howard, I am certainly not an “elitist” I am just reporting on a reader’s question/comment.

    I bought a gold-by-the-inch bracelet years ago — it was okay, but it lost its shine. Sorry, nothing beats the real thing.

    Lastly, I find it amusing that this blog post has brought out tons of V*agra and C*alis spammers. Does every blog entry that mentions the word “inch” warrant this? LOL 🙂


  5. CruzinLarry says:

    This stuff is a complete waste of money. I agree it’s crap.


    P.S. Anita yes when you mention gold and inch you will get that reaction. 😉

  6. Annie Palmer says:

    Anita, same thing happened to me. i bought my necklace on a Norwegian ship last year. Can I get a refund? Where do I do this?

    Thank you

  7. Hi Annie,
    I think on the NCL ships this is where you need to send it.

    IOG Customer Service
    3975 Investment Lane
    West Palm Beach, FL 33404


  8. addy says:

    But i think it is a full service wholesale only website for resellers of gold by the inch and rhodium by the inch jewelry chain sold on spools.

  9. Big Gator says:

    What does one expect? Real gold???? Get a life. I understand that Carnival replaced it.

  10. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    I have been very fortunate. I had a momento from Italy ( an Italian coin) that I bought for $5 at the Vatican.

    I was looking for an inexpensive chain to put it on.

    I bought the thinnest (cheapest) gold by the inch chain that Carnival sells 7 years ago and it still looks great. I think I paid $21 for it and got the free bracelet.

    I agree that the real thing is the way to go. While this is the only piece of cosmetic jewelry that I wear from time to time, this purchase worked out perfectly for me.

  11. Roni says:

    I agree with CruzinLarry “This stuff is a complete waste of money. I agree it’s crap” I haven`t got anything else to say.

  12. P says:

    I have to agree with Vatican. I buy it for anklets for my girls
    and after 6 months they still look good. I have had no problems. When you only spend 2 or 3 dollars an inch you get what you pay for.

  13. Kay Shaw says:

    I’m so pleased it’s just not my husband’s bracelet we purchased last year on our cruise on “Rhapsody of the Seas” that has discoloured dreadfully. You’ve encouraged me to investigate further to the States for a replacement at least. It’s just not on. I have the receipt and I’m on a mission.

  14. Mary-Jo Swiatkowski says:

    Here is another complaint. Two replacements within two months after the cruise.
    This so called fashion jewelry is garbage. The BBB also has complaints. How can I get my money back?

  15. Smilez says:

    You can just return it, for fresh new one and its guaranteed for life.

    I have had mine for 3 years and it only changed twice and I just return it without a receipt.


    IOG Customer Service
    3975 Investment Lane
    West Palm Beach, FL 33404 USA

    E-Mail: ioginc@aol.com
    Phone: 561-842-3103
    Toll Free: 1- 800-854-3434
    Fax: 561-842-5572

  16. Rosa Lee Sporbert says:

    Does anyone know where to send the chains back to ?

  17. peter bloom says:

    gold by the inch is great stuff if you look after it the same as some jewelry that you pay thousands for just because it is suppose to be cheap does not mean you just treat it with disrepute.
    remember the people that sell it do not have shops to keep up and running if you are in a mall you will be looking at 4800 a day and you should look at where your jeweler gets his gold filled from and you will find he obtain from the same place. or close to it

  18. robin says:

    I went on a royal caribbean cruise to the bahamas and bought a gemstone bracelet from gold by the inch and i lost it at the beach in Newport RI. I am heartbroken to have lost my momento from my vacation. It was not expensive but had tons of sentimental value. Wish I could find another one just like it. ;-(

  19. dogfather says:

    I paid $140 for a gold neck chain made by the inchofchain.com on P&O Pacific Pearl last month and the gold wore off mostly all of in approx 8 days of wearing it!I know its not real but they assured me that it would not loose colour or lustre for years to come.I was sceptical but I decided to purchase a neck chain that looked a million dollars for about 8 days!Its not really about the money it is about the truth and a fair go!Obviously to these companies it is all about the money and this company owns the cruise liners so they really are having a lend of their paying customers. I find this very distasteful!I am looking at a full refund and we all should stand up and be counted and ask for a refund because when you accept the fact that, “oh well it wasn’t a lot of money so let it go”just think about what billions of dollars across the world this company is making with each little rip off that no one really follows up and lets slide we should fight back!!

  20. Karen says:

    I own the Canadian flagship store, and worldwide retail online web site for inch of gold, http://www.inchofgold.ca . We are very happy with the product, and service all warranties from cruise ship lines! We sell the full line and have free shipping worldwide! If you have any questions about the product feel free to email at info@inchofgold.ca And yes at gold prices of $1,700 an ounce , our product is not solid gold, but layered, for all the product we sell, like in any business, you can’t satisfy everyone, but over 98% of our sales are to happy clients that return for more product time and time again! 🙂


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