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NCL unveils hot night scene for F3

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On June - 18 - 2008

It was a coming out party/unveiling this evening at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas as Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) took their “Freestyle Cruising” to a whole new level — a nightclub level that is.

“World hold on, F3 is coming your way,” boasted Colin Veitch, NCL’s president and CEO. The line showcased five distinct nighttime experiences specifically designed for NCL’s new F3 ships, the first to be launched in 2010. “There is nothing ordinary about these ships. The F3s are unconventionally extraordinary,” said Veitch. He added that the F3 won’t have massive void spaces and rooms only used for one thing. Each nightclub space will have multiple uses – sunning, bowling, dining and, of course, hip night club atmosphere. Here’s what NCL has in store:

NCL’s Ice Bar — a chill out chat up venue that is inspired by the original ice bars and ice hotels in Scandinavia. “This will be the industry’s first true ice bar,” said Veitch. The area on Deck 7 is a frozen chamber of iced vodka where the centerpiece is a giant ice cube that glows and changes colors. Ice Bar will accommodate 25 guests who will be given fur coats, gloves and hats since the rooms temperature will not rise above 17 degrees Fahrenheit. To enter, guests will pay a cover charge — NCL says it has not yet determined the price.

POSH Beach Club – With a South Beach vibe by day and night the venue will change to encompass four unique cover charge experiences:

  • POSH Vive – From 6 to 9 am can partake in yoga classes and treatments in private cabanas.
  • POSH Rehab – From 9 am till noon, guests can relax and recover from a hard night of partying with specialty drinks and chill out tunes
  • POSH Sol – From noon till 6 pm, guests can lounge on day beds and enjoy a beach-themed atmosphere.
  • Pure POSH – Echoing the famous Las Vegas nightclub at Caesar’s Palace this venue will have a Vegas vibe where guests and drink and dance under the stars.

Halo, the Uber Bar — Garden and Courtyard Villa guests have exclusive VIP access to this venue, other guests will pay a cover charge. This venue sets atop the ship on Deck 16 and will showcase the ship’s best art and jewelry (modeled by servers) that can be purchased.

Bliss Ultra Lounge and Nightclub – Already popular on the Norwegian Gem and Norwegian Pearl, this bowling club by day hot bed club by night will also be onboard the new F3 ships.

Spice H2O — Is an aft-pool area like none other. Like the POSH club Spice will feature four unique experiences. Inspired by Latin and Asian flare the adults-only area will encompass a huge LED screen with various themes:

  • Sunny Spice — 8 am to 11 am — Spicy drinks and breakfast.
  • Aqua Spice — Sun and fun and a little Chinese take out.
  • Sunset Spice — Guarantees a perfect sunset everyday rain or shine.
  • All Spice — Offering a show of aqua ballet and dancing.

Again, NCL has not determined the pricing for each venue; however, the company says it will offer a “Beyond the Velvet Rope” package for all clubs.

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5 Responses to “NCL unveils hot night scene for F3”

  1. Jason says:

    Who does this stuff appeal to? I assume the next announcement will be the Multipurpose room that will host the nightly on-board-circus (complete with elephants and trained dancin tigers), the S&M Bordello after 12pm and day care services provided during the day (this, of course, after the kill-and-eat buffet offered for breakfast).

  2. Hi Jason,
    You know, I almost thought I’d see a mule last night on stage. It was very provacative — the music, the dancing, the hot guys/gals, it reminded me of that old Tom Hanks movie from the 80’s “Bachelor Party.” Where was Max the Mule?

    Clearly, NCL is aiming for the hip younger crowd or older crowd that likes to hang in the fast lane. I can tell you I’ll be in Ice Bar, I think that’s a fabulous idea. I do like the “Morning Spice” idea and Bliss is a lot of fun.


  3. I forgot to add — I was shocked they didn’t add in pole dancing — seems like the thing to do these days.




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  2. […] staterooms . Additionally, NCL announced with much fanfare in Las Vegas that it would introduce a radical nightclub scene on the F3 ships complete with pools and ice […]

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