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Norma Rae goes cruising

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On May - 20 - 2008

Oh, what a tangled web I weave. Today, a dear cruise industry friend phoned to tell me congratulations, I was now officially the cruise industry’s “Norma Rae” for my incendiary column. We had a good laugh about it. Then I received an e-mail from another cruise industry writer who stated that I needed to “watch it” because my column was causing trouble within the industry. Excuse me?

Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t just stop with the customer sometimes it happens to journalists too. But, I am not one to back down and have always stood up for the consumer and the cruise industry as well. Unfortunately, there are publications in print and online that will not tackle the tough consumer issues. My colleague Christopher Elliott dubbed these sites and publications “septic tanks of journalism.” I’ll let you guess which ones those are.

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