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Norwegian and Holland America raise the tipping scale

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On September - 4 - 2008

Starting October 1, Holland America Line (HAL) will raise its daily per person service charge from $10 to $11. Additionally on January 1, 2009, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) will up their daily passenger service charge from $10 to $12.

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3 Responses to “Norwegian and Holland America raise the tipping scale”

  1. Peg says:

    While those in the lower decks may grumble over service charges (which in a more gracious time were called gratuities, and were given voluntarily), one must recognize that this is not about cabin attendants as much as it is about the accounting departments adjusting for fluctuation in the value of the dollar while keeping their advertised prices low. The price didn’t actually go up; the dollar went down.

    Experienced travelers know such cruises are still a bargain at Holland America or NCL, particularly compared to the cost of land vacations or similar accommodations aboard a genuine luxury cruise line. Indeed, the best values on these lines are the upper-category, suite-type rooms which, compared to luxury cruise lines, are a steal at Holland America and NCL.

  2. Bob says:

    Peg, you may be unaware that the US Dollar is surging against all currencies. The British Pound is under $1.69, Euro under $1.29. The service on NCL is not worth $7 per day, let alone the previous $10 per day per person. Cruise passengers should note that these amounts are NOT mandatory and can be adjusted up or down based on the level of service.

    Passengers sailing on NCL, for example, should certainly reduce the service charges back to a maximum of $10 per day per person. This change by NCL is and insult to the traveling public as it is a basic line and not a premium line like Holland America. Tipping is still discretionary!

  3. DiscoStu says:

    Please also note that NCL has changed its tipping policy (as of Jan 2009) for children 3 and older from $5 to $12. That’s a little extreme, no?


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