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Norwegian Epic Day 2

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On July - 4 - 2010

If you read yesterday’s blog you know I was pretty harsh in my critique of Norwegian Epic’s New Wave staterooms. There are a few other quirks about the room, one being the bed is short, but I just found out from one of the onboard hotel personnel that the bed is standard size – the problem is the headboard is extending five inches over the mattress. The fix – pulling the bed out from the wall. That works, but it will limit the space to walk to the bathroom. The other issue is the 3rd berth is rock hard – my daughter is having a tough time sleeping on it. They are going to try using a duvet to make it softer for tonight. I also discovered that they will be changing all the sink faucets since they are getting a lot of complaints about them.

I had a good look at the staterooms today and there is a better New Wave layout than my current room. I have the New Wave design where the bed is first (right next to the toilet and shower) and the sitting area is by the balcony door. The other layout for the room is when the sitting area is first and the bed is next to the balcony/window. This much better as there is more space around the bathroom area. I’ve also seen the connecting cabins for these rooms, well, in order to have the door you will lose a closet and all the drawers. It’s always something.

Granted it was very bold for NCL to change the stateroom concept with the New Wave set up. I think a lot of passengers will grin and bear it. But I am sure there will be some passengers turned off by this and may not book Epic. Time will tell.

If I had my choice of accommodations on this ship it would be in the Villa Complex. This area at the top of the ship boasts 60 suites and penthouses with private pool, sunbathing space, restaurant and nightclub. The Travelocity Gnome is up there now sunbathing as I type this…(sigh)
Singles have the Studio area that offers 128 single cabins; each is just 100 square feet, but offers exclusive access to a lounge with TVs, a bar and space to hang out with other solo cruisers.

This morning it was breakfast with Sponge Bob. Yes, you can dine with the Nickelodeon characters and they even put on a show in the Spiegel Tent. Cost is $10 per child, $15 for adults – it’s a fixed breakfast menu.

The coolest place on the ship (literally) is the SVEDKA Ice Bar that is inspired by the original ice bars and ice hotels in Scandinavia. This frozen chamber is the first ice bar at sea and offers lighting that simulates the Northern Lights and creates a distinctive arctic atmosphere. The bar, walls, tables, stools, glasses and life-size sculptures all made from ice. You have to make reservations for this bar in advance as only 25 guests are allowed in for a limit of 45 minutes. Guests are given hooded coats and gloves to keep them warm, since the room’s temperature does not rise above 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Big tip — wear pants, closed toe shoes or you won’t last more than 5 minutes. Time is limited in the bar because in order to keep it frozen it must stay closed for 16 hours a day. The cost is $20 and includes two vodka drinks.

Dinner tonight was at Teppanyaki, a Japanese eatery where chefs cook at individual stations surrounded by 10 or 12 diners. The cost is $25 per person and the food is terrific. The best part is watching the dramatic knife wielding chef put on a show.

Another unique experience only on Epic is Blue Man Group. Guests in the theater’s front-row seats slip on plastic rain ponchos for protection from the messy onstage mayhem. It’s the best show at sea – not to be missed.

Stay tuned for more blogs from Epic! Including the NBC broadcast of Macy’s Fourth of July celebration.

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3 Responses to “Norwegian Epic Day 2”

  1. Thanks, Anita, for the past two posts on the Epic. You covered a lot of territory. It will be interesting to see if the bathrooms pose a long term issue for NCL. Initially, intense interest and the “wow” factor might trump the bathroom question, but I do wonder if the cabin design will become more of a irritant as time progresses. Ironically, I’ve read that the single studios have a more traditional bathroom. I may try one of those when Epic moves to the Mediterranean next summer.

  2. Doug says:

    Did you see the owners suites? That unrestricted 180 degree view in the bathroom and bedroom was amazing! Thought the Teppanyaki was decent, I wish they had a steak and lobster dish on the menu! Im sure all I had to do was ask though 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    So, other than the room style, the ship was great? We were looking at taking a cruise in January and wanted to get some balanced reviews.


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