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Norwegian Majesty rescues fishing boat crew

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On May - 27 - 2008

Norwegian Majesty diverted from course Saturday to answer a distress call from the captain of a fishing boat that had been caught in a storm off the coast of South Carolina.

The ship rescued four men from the 24-foot boat dubbed “Not On Call”, then resumed its course to St. George’s Bermuda, arriving this afternoon.

The men are expected to fly from Bermuda home to South Carolina.

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3 Responses to “Norwegian Majesty rescues fishing boat crew”

  1. s says:

    I was aboard that boat and i read his story in his local town http://www.charleston.net/news/2008/may/boat_rescued_bermuda you need to read this ungrateful man’s comments his stupidness caused our cruise to be late and not that noone minded because a life was saved but his ungratefulness and arrogant attitude was very uncalled for in his interview. He should have maybe said something about his stupidity of taking a boat to see with no GPS system and how sorry he was to hold everyone’s vacation up this was our vacation not his has he brags about sipping beer and eating lobster tail under the bermuda sun and talking about the previous people rescued by a freightliner who were probably in the the bottom of the boat smoking and drinking vodka HOW SMUG AND THOUGHTLESS he should be happy he still has his life and his crew’s life. What a jerk!!!!

  2. john says:

    i certainly agree with you. He is very arrogant and i too was on the cruise and i was very furious when i read that interview that someone could cut others down on their rescue as he bragged about his. i agree what a JERK he is. He owes the captain of the ship a thank you and he should have made an announcement to all the passengers who PAID for their trip a thank you/apology for his mistake instead of bragging about beer and the food he was eating. i bet you the people on the “Freightliner” were just grateful to be alive and safe.

  3. Dawn says:

    Get a grip! I was on that cruise too, and if you didn’t happen to look out the window you never would have even know the rescue was taking place. You were still able to dump your coins into the slots and shovel a bounty of food into your face. It cost you nothing, it did not delay your vacation – you were at sea like you were supposed to be and you got to St. George’s just fine. it was good public relations for the ship, and it gave us an extra tale to tell. Talk about jerks – look in the mirror!


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