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Roatan Port Coxen HoleRoatan, Honduras is the way the Caribbean used to be. Sure it’s technically Central America, but this island is wild, wonderful and is blessed with citizens who are happy to show you the best the area has to offer. Sadly it’s close to getting too popular as both Royal Caribbean and Carnival are building large cruise ship docks with the usual ‘tacketry’ of trinket shops and bongo slapping natives. The key is to get beyond the port to see the real Roatan.

My husband and I opted to skip the SCUBA diving this trip for more active pursuits. We picked Norwegian Pearl’s West Bay kayak, snorkel and hiking tour. After a 20-minute drive from the port of Coxen Hole to West End we were dropped off at a restaurant/bar named Cannibals where the motto is “everyone is welcome for dinner”. Located directly across the street from the beach this was our base to get our gear and have a little lunch.

Roatan West End CannibalsThe snorkeling in Half Moon Bay was excellent as the reef was home to hundreds of colorful fish and eels. The snorkel was quite lengthy and difficult as there was a lot of wind kicking up the seas. Kayaking was harder and a number of couples had difficulty paddling the wind-whipped seas – one kayak overturned. I was surprised NCL had this tour down for 5-years on up. This tour was way too hard on the 7-year-old boy who was with us – he ended up riding with the guide. In my opinion, this tour is best for 12-years on up.

After the kayak we had the option of hanging out on the beach or taking a hike up to a banana plantation. I stayed on the beach as the water was pure heaven. My husband took the 45-minute hike around the banana plantation where he learned about the flora and fauna of the island.

One thing to beware of in Roatan – sand fleas. We learned the hard way last year after a visit. We had hundreds of bites after a day at Tabyana Beach. This time we brought bug spray with us and did not get bit. We shared the spray with our guests who escaped unscathed. Unfortunately, one German newlywed couple didn’t understand what we were telling them about sand fleas and passed on the bug spray. At the end of the day they looked like they had measles.

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  1. Träning says:

    I wish I could be there 🙂 the weather here in sweden sucks 🙁


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