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Of blogs and one journalist dog

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On January - 22 - 2008

John Heald hosting his “Morning Show” (Photo by Anita Dunham-Potter) Finally we have sun and calm seas on our second of three sea days. The pool area is packed with sun worshipers and kids jumping with joy in the pool. This is what cruising is all about and everyone is certainly enjoying everything the Carnival Freedom has to offer.

John Heald’s “Morning Show” was hysterical as usual and was ripe with sophomoric humor that you cannot help but love.

John Heald taking questions from the bloggers (Photo by Anita Dunham-Potter)At 11 AM, John hosted a Q&A for the 700-plus bloggers onboard. John certainly is well beloved among this group. They are also celebrating his birthday in a big way and many have brought gifts for him and Heidi. “The generosity by everyone has been extraordinary. I am truly touched and humbled by it all,” he says.

He took many questions from the audience and from those logging on to live chat on his blog. One question that was asked was “how has the blog changed you?” John went on to tell how the blog has created a real community and that he and Heidi have really enjoyed being a part of it. He went on to say how Heidi has changed the most through the blog process. Normally a very private person, Heidi has really opened up and has done her own blog from time to time.

“Divetrash” aka Laura asking John a question (Photo by Anita Dunham-Potter)He also went on to tell how he started his career at Carnival – from wine steward to social host and finally cruise director. It’s clear that he is doing the job he was born to do — being a cruise director.

The blog takes a lot of time to do and he has taken it very personally. He’s just being himself and that is what blogging is all about. The majority of people love it, but then there is one guy out there who hates it.

John relayed the story of one journalist who wrote to Carnival management stating that the blog had run its course and should be “put down like a sick dog.” This was met by loud boos – rightfully so. I know the journalist in question and it’s unfortunate. This person recently took a swipe and me and I was hurt by it. John clearly felt bad by this man’s opinion, too. Thankfully, Carnival management laughed off this grumpy detractor and listened to the people that matter most – its customers.

Next stop Grand Cayman – let’s hope the good weather stays with us.

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