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Royal Caribbean’s UFO

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On June - 10 - 2009

oasisblimpWhat the heck is flying over Oasis of the Seas as it undergoes its first sea trials? Would you believe a blimp? Well, it’s not exactly a blimp, but according to Richard Fain, Royal Caribbean’s chairman and ceo it is called an aerostat.

In his Oasis of the Sea Chairman’s blog, Fain said the aerostat is being tested as one of the “weird and wonderful” ideas dreamed up by the company’s creative team. He dubbed the aerostat “interesting” and one of many ideas being floated (pardon the pun) for the world’s biggest cruise liner.

Fain admitted that the aerostat has less than a 50 percent chance of being used on the ship. ‘If we don’t use it on the ship, I will consider it just another of the many ideas our people develop that didn’t work. On the other hand, if it is successful and we do decide to use it on the ship, I will consider it another of my better ideas.” Mr. Fain’s flying fantasy said the company decided to be upfront with the test projects because they want to stop Internet rumors.

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2 Responses to “Royal Caribbean’s UFO”

  1. Eyeonsky says:

    Great photo! Do you know where this scenery took place? Really awesome…
    It didn’t look like a UFO anyway 😀

  2. The new blimplike device is somewhat smaller than the type that flew over the area for decades until early December. The test aerostat is tethered a mile and a half from the usual location, and flies lower.


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