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Royal Caribbean CEO blogs about Oasis of the Seas

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On March - 29 - 2009

Royal Caribbean International is entering the bloggesphere with blogs about it’s newest and biggest vessel to come – Oasis of the Seas. The blog kicked off with an entry by the line’s chairman and CEO Richard Fain.

“The idea of doing a blog scares the hell out of me. But, even this old sea-dog can learn new tricks,” Fain wrote.

The Oasis of the Seas blog starts as the line prepares for to take delivery of Oasis in December. Royal Caribbean says posts will appear every Tuesday and will have other contributors including Royal Caribbean International president and CEO Adam Goldstein, and corporate executive vice president of maritime operations, Harri Kulovaara.

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One Response to “Royal Caribbean CEO blogs about Oasis of the Seas”

  1. Did you know that, in the words of Royal Caribbeans Guest Relations representatives that they “are not OBLIGATED to take you to ANY port” – a sad thing to admit when you have so much information available on the amazing destinations that RC sails to. We sadly thought that the POINT of a cruise is to visit other lands or islands. Apparently, according to the reps that we spoke to it’s about “the cruise” itself, which is really an all inclusive resort on the high seas, except with many, many ways to spend money on the ships. When our sailing on the Oasis didn’t allow us to stop at St. Thomas, due to a crewmembers SUICIDE by JUMPING OVERBOARD, RC tried to “make up for the “invconvenience” (we weren’t inconvenienced we were disappointed and dreadly unhappy on behalf of the crewmember) by offering credit on a future cruise. We asked could that be changed to a smaller amount, in shipboard credit towards the current cruise, only to get the runaround for 4 days,sadly, to be told on the last day that the decision was made the day of the suicide and we had wasted much time with the Guest Service People who were blatantly lying to us for the 4 days. Later calls to Guest Services at the Corporate level simply led to to lies and corporate runaround.
    Caveat Emptor. If you like the cruise thing go right ahead and book – but if you enjoy getting off the boat and seeing the ports they stop in don’t hold your breath – or hold on to the crewmembers, as our last rep at corporate asked us wht they were to do about the situation (which as happened about 22 times in the past ten year). Are they supposed to CHAIN their staff to the boat? Repeat that phrase to yourself in a very snarky tone and you will see just what Royal Caribbean thinks that Customer Service should be like. Apparently the days of making customers happy are long over, even in this cruddy economoy.


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