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Royal Caribbean Cruises CEO Richard Fain says every ship must have a good system for mustering guests in times of emergency, but the current ubiquitous lifeboat drill isn’t rocket science and is made harder than it has to be. The problem is lifejackets, they are a “pain in the ass” noted Fain in his Chairman’s Blog.

So when the 5,400-passenger Oasis of the Seas launches in December, Royal Caribbean will be tweaking the lifeboat drill. Instead passengers will no longer have to return to their cabin during the muster drill to retrieve their lifejacket. Instead lifejackets will be stowed at Oasis’ muster stations.

“This takes up more space at the mustering stations (lifejackets are very bulky), but we have the space,” Fain said. “It also frees up a smidgen more space in every stateroom.”

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4 Responses to “Royal Caribbean Cruises CEO Richard Fain says lifejackets are a “pain in the ass””

  1. Every little inch in those staterooms helps!

  2. If it’s life jackets are a “pain in the ass”, why don’t you try to have life jackets’s as the airliners have. Smaller, handy and easy to carry because the straps are worn around your waist only.

  3. Yasinta says:

    I have never worn life jacket before. Even if it doesn’t fit well, we have no choice at emergency times, lol..

  4. JamesM says:

    Interesting idea about using airline type life jackets – but I guess there *must* be a reason they don’t do this?! In my mind it’d make a lot more sense – maybe it’s just a costing issue?


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