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Sen. Kerry: Cruises are SCARY!!

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On June - 27 - 2008

As if I needed more proof that I completely wasted my vote four years ago, the Los Angeles Times is reporting about Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s legislation to require more cruise ship safety. According to the paper, Kerry’s legislation would require peepholes in all cabin doors (uh, they are already there on most ships), increase guardrail heights (give me a break) and maintain crime report logbooks (big lines do this already). The bill is designed to hold the $35 billion plus cruise industry more accountable and is similar to legislation introduced in the House by California Rep. Doris Matsui.

“Murky legal jurisdictions in international waters are no longer an excuse for failing to report serious crimes so that they may be effectively prosecuted,” Kerry said. “If U.S. passengers are at risk, then U.S. law should hold the industry accountable for their safety.”

Cruise ships are not required under U.S. law to report crimes that occur outside U.S. territorial waters, Kerry said, though it remains a matter of debate what crimes are required to be reported, to which agency and who has jurisdiction.

I understand the need for more transparency when issues occur. However, cruising is very safe if it wasn’t people wouldn’t cruise.

Let’s use our heads — legislation is not the answer. Common sense is.

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2 Responses to “Sen. Kerry: Cruises are SCARY!!”

  1. Edd says:

    I agree. But its that liberal frame of mind that more regulation (aka “government”) will solve all of society’s ills. Peep holes don’t stop crimes in homes or apartment buildings, and guardrails will not stop people from falling (jumping?) overboard, just like border fences don’t keep out those who want to get in. And oh, the biggie – maintain crime report log books. Yep, that’ll sure stop criminals in their tracks. “Freeze!” If you don’t stop, I’m going to put your name in the log book!!” Why this idea has got to have any would-be criminals literally shaking in their boots.

    Gee if we want anything to be more screwed up than it already is, just get Congress involved. Our lame-a** representatives are currently enjoying their lowest approval rating in U. S. History — not surprising this bill is coming out of that body of lawmakers. Hey, Sen Kerry – & Rep Matsui — leave it alone, please! We don’t need more anymore absolutely useless and ineffective rules. And I for one don’t really want the “government” watching out for my welfare on a cruise. It’s like the author of this article suggests, if I think cruising is too dangerous, I just won’t go. I don’t need an elected lawmaker to make that decision for me.

  2. John F says:

    Just wait, Kerry will lobby for the condiments to be Heinz!


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