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Unhappy Royals

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On July - 25 - 2008

Grrr...not another fuel surcharge! The recent announcement by Royal Caribbean Cruises to axe 400 jobs owing to a 55 per cent increase to its fuel costs and a sharp drop in second quarter net income seems to be the least of its worries. ExpertCruiser hears that current employees at Royal Caribbean are very unhappy with how the layoffs were conducted and that moral is at an all time low.

Employees are upset that the company has not been recruiting from within, but has chosen to go outside the royal confines and hire talent from other cruise lines. In fact, two departments in Royal Caribbean are now being run by people poached from Carnival. One of which started last week! Given the fact that some of the fired employees had over twenty years service with Royal Caribbean seems all is not well.

What message is Royal Caribbean sending to its own troops when it gives long-time employees the heave-ho citing costs then turns around only to throw big sums of money to hook other cruise lines executives?  Also, why are they so focused on Carnival?  Hmmm.

Also, ex-employees are speaking out. A family member of a fired employee wrote the following on ExpertCruiser’s blog: “They made my fiancée sign a piece of paper stating that he would forfeit his severance if he talked to a news media or if he filed a lawsuit. They are basically holding their severances hostage. Royal Caribbean has tried to put up the front that they are family oriented and care for their employees and like to promote company loyalty. This was so opposite of their public persona.”

Clearly, Royal Caribbean is not a happy workplace.

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4 Responses to “Unhappy Royals”

  1. MIA-Cruise-lurker says:

    Just read that Alice Norsworthy, RCCL’s senior vice president of marketing quit on her own to go be the exeuctive vice president of sales and marketing at Universal Orlando. Alice was well liked and her leaving just goes to show how bad things are there.

  2. Travis says:

    Well that isn’t cool. Fuel is making everything more expensive. The airline tickets are going up, you have to (where I live at least) start paying for your grocery bags, people are not driving as much. Gas prices need to go down!

    But that isn’t fair that they are “holding their severance packages hostage”, what kind of company would do that to their employees! Well their ex-employees. It’s bad enough that they are laying them off, but to do something like that just isn’t fair.

  3. Game Sanders says:

    well i guess they did that type of thing to their employees, and now one of their own did the same to them. “taste of your own medicine” “what goes around comes around” “treat others how you want to be treated” and there’s lots more…….

  4. Mike K says:

    I guess gas prices are taking on toll on every industry. Look at rice for example which has gone up two times in price since last year. What this company did is not right at all but we should also look at the underlying factors.


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