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US Airways’ pilots torpedo ALPA — vote in USAPA

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On April - 17 - 2008

US Airways planeUS Airways pilots voted for change today and have elected the US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA) to replace the Airline Pilots Association, Intl. (ALPA), as their new bargaining agent. The results of the election were announced by The National Mediation Board today at 2:00 PM, EST. The new union will collectively represent over 5,000 mainline US Airways pilots from the merger of US Airways and America West Airlines.

“The US Airways pilots have spoken for a change in union representation,” said USAPA interim President, Captain Stephen Bradford. “USAPA is ready on day one to begin a new era for all US Airways pilots, East and West. We will join the other great independent airline pilot unions on the national front, while our pilots enjoy single carrier union representation, solely focused on our pilots needs and fully accountable only to them.”

“In addition to providing quality services to the US Airways pilots, USAPA will approach management in a more businesslike fashion to address the deficiencies of the collective US Airways pilots’ contracts, both East and West; contracts which were originally accepted by the pilots during the hardships placed on the airlines during the post 9/11 era,” said Captain Bradford.

The US Airways pilots are one of the most senior and experienced pilot groups in the United States. We fly a large fleet of jet aircraft, including the Boeing B-737-300/400 and B-757/767 series, the Airbus A319/320/321 series, and the 266-seat Airbus A330.

US Airways pilots fly their passengers safely to more than 180 destinations, including Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii and in the near future, China.

USAPA represents over 5,000 US Airways pilots in seven domiciles across the United States.

Read more about the new union on their Website: http://1.usairlinepilots.org/default_nopop.htm

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15 Responses to “US Airways’ pilots torpedo ALPA — vote in USAPA”

  1. JOHN B says:


  2. CactusBus says:

    USAPA is a joke. We’ll never pay dues good luck with that. We’ll sue. You Easties wouldn’t be here without the merger. What goes around comes around.


  3. USCLT says:

    good job guys! it’s about time we took control of our futures. down with alpa.

  4. anita says:

    Congratulations US East pilots!

    Way to go!


  5. CactusBus says:

    I meant to ask why is USAPA’s press release on a cruise site? You guys USAPA fans?


  6. SaveDave says:

    The America West pilots and ALPA were told clearly their seniority proposal of putting West pilots with 2 months seniority ahead of East pilots with 17 years would never be acceptable. They just got their head handed to them by USAPA as a consequence of their greed.

    Thanks to the US East pilots for standing up to the greed and corruption of ALPA.


  7. anita says:


    Yup, I am a BIG USAPA fan. Go read my bio. Seniority matters!


  8. JustAPilot says:

    Doug Parker and gang should have simply waited a couple of days and allowed USAirways to file Chapter 7. You greedy, underhanded snakes who call yourselves experienced, professional pilots should understand that had that been done, you wouldn’t even have a job right now! Doug Parker saved your worthless butts and the America West pilots are paying the tab. If you were the professionals you claim to be, you would appreciate the second chance you have been given, shut your whining traps, and get on with your lives. Instead, I expect that you will collectively do whatever you can to ensure that the America West pilots get stapled to the bottom of your list. What’s the definition of the word “Scab” again?

  9. anita says:

    Having been an airline employee throwing around the term “SCAB” is inappropriate. Furthermore, when used in the wrong way it makes the person saying it look like a fool.

    Here’s what SCAB is:
    4. Slang A person regarded as contemptible.
    a. A worker who refuses membership in a labor union.
    b. An employee who works while others are on strike; a strikebreaker.
    c. A person hired to replace a striking worker.
    intr.v. scabbed, scab·bing, scabs
    1. To become covered with scabs or a scab.
    2. To work or take a job as a scab.

    SO….since you West pilots don’t want to be in USAPA does that make you guys SCABS? Just curious.


  10. SaveDave says:

    ALPA negotiated the worst pilot contract in the industry, gave away our pension, opposed pay parity, tried to force an unfair and inequitable seniority list and to top it off forcibly removed the elected PHL pilot representitives.

    USAPA has a big mess left by ALPA to clean up. The America West pilots will have to choose whether to help with contract improvements and to settle seniority issues or to engage in anti-union and union busting activities which will harm all professional pilots.


  11. Barely affected says:

    It is pure speculation what would have happened to US. I could speculate… if that is what we are doing, that AWA would have been right behind US in chap 7, so get over this “AWA saved them” thing. They saved each other!

    I think the attitude you are taking is certainly short sighted and self destructive. What would you do if the roles were reversed? I would guess the same thing! I, as one who is directly affected by the Nic award, am not looking for some magic bullet to the left seat. Just a little (little)consideration for the time and effort, and sacrifice I brought to the table to make the combined company… our company, a better place to work for you and me.

    I would prefer alpa still be here. I think they bring allot to the table, But I do think their merger policy should never have allowed any pilot group to become so negativley affected. Remove the emotion… and realize ther we are thye same. Just group A and group B, and no group is any better than the other and both likley would take the same action in opposite roles. Both groups should feel the pain and face the disappointments equally. That being said, I can face it like a man and realize that when you send the case to an arbritrator, you must face the consequences. But I think those consequences and decisions must fit into a thighter framework, and that is where alpa has let everyone down.

    I do believe they are more politics involved than I am aware of.

    Things are getting worse out there in the industry and we need to buckle down, take our respective hits and move on. Life aint a dress rehearsal. I admire your fortitude and look forward to flying with you.

  12. Dick says:

    I am retired west. I put in 20 years to watch Doug and his predecessors screw over the employees at every turn. Now, I’m on the outside watching stupid pilots fight among themselves while management once again takes the big piece of the pie. The old exec was once quoted as saying “They eat their own young” as a description of the pilot bickering. The first time in our history that we got anything immediately followed bringing ALPA on the property. From there it got continuously better until Doug found a way to divide and conquer. Now, it will take years for the pilots to get their sh*t together again, while management takes advantage and sticks it to you once more.
    When are you guys going to get your heads out of your butts and realize that east, west and ALPA ain’t the enemy. After 35 years in the cockpit, I have NO retirement and no benefits. It’s going to be fun watching how many of you end up the same way.

    Dick west retired

  13. Syria says:

    USAPA sucks.

  14. USCABA says:

    USAPA is an abomination. They’ve layed the groundwork for millions of dollars in damages all the while ensuring the NIC award gets shoved up their collective scab asses.

    F&*k you Anita. You scab loving c&%t.

  15. USCABA,


    Keep in mind that experience and years served in the cockpit will prevail.

    That being said classless posts like yours just make you and your ‘comrades’ look like morons. Oh, and how’s the weather in Wichita? Yeah, I looked up your IP address



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