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Wind Surf sails off into the sunset

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On October - 27 - 2007

The Wind Surf sails off into the sunset on the way to Civitavecchia, RomeWith the rough weather, gale force 9 winds according to Captain Boyle, we stayed an extra day in Monaco just to be safe. Of course, that meant no Portofino and sailing straight to Livorno, Italy on Friday. I would have posted my blogs earlier; however, with the weather the satellite access was not very good, which made logging on impossible.

After we sailed for Livorno the seas were still quite rough, but the crew onboard the Wind Surf made it as pleasant as possible for everyone. Let me say this about the Wind Surf’s crew: They are the friendliest and most accommodating group of individuals that I’ve ever sailed with. The crew is made up of mostly Filipinos and Indonesians who are always smiling and go out of their way to please guests.

Snow on the Italian Alps — it’s cold out here!The crew talent show on Friday night was interesting and they went all out. There was some wild rap dancing to start, and then it moved into an American Idol singing contest, magic act, and then a wild finale where guests played Balinese tambourine thingies. It was fun. Probably the most fun the guests had when it came to the onboard entertainment.

If I were to be picky about one thing on this ship it was the entertainment and lack of enrichment programs. Given the weather and subsequent extra day in Monaco I felt that more should be offered in terms of entertainment and shore excursion options. I talked to the Hotel Director, Geert De Meyer and he said that is something they are trying to improve.

Last Day: Livorno, Italy

The famous and glorious Duomo of Florence, ItalyFinally, a splendid sunny day after three days of wind and rain! The excursion into Florence was terrific. I opted to do “Florence On Your Own” and that allowed guests to do the city at their leisure. Florence is one of those rare cities that is truly an open air museum. At every turn and at every piazza the sights are just astounding. And, if you think October is an “off month” for touring – think again. The city was packed – there were four cruise ships in Livorno and that meant a lot of tourists in town. I met a lot of guests from the Carnival Freedom and it was fun chatting with them – I knew they were having a great time since I had just cruised on the ship in June.

Amazing FlorenceWell, it’s my last night onboard the Wind Surf. Packing bags at the end of a cruise is always a melancholy experience. As I place items in my suitcases I’ve been reflecting about this experience. Sailing on the Wind Surf is one of the most relaxing cruise vacations one can do. It’s a casual atmosphere that is not regimented and because there are only 312 passengers onboard it’s very cozy. I met some terrific folks onboard from all over the U.S. and Europe; truly terrific sailing partners. I will miss all of it! Now, it’s off to Rome and a long US Airways flight home to Pittsburgh Monday.
The Carnival Freedom as we leave Livorno — are they watching “Under the Tuscan Sun” again??Ciao for now!

P.S. I am including this photo of Carnival Freedom as we leave Livorno.  You can see the bright movie screen — are they playing “Under the Tuscan Sun”…again?  I send a big hello out to cruise directors Todd Wittmer who just took over the reigns from my pal John Heald!  John, enjoy time off and I’ll see you in January!!

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2 Responses to “Wind Surf sails off into the sunset”

  1. alessandro says:

    I can suggest for Florence, best month are september and october or april, may.

    The cheaper rate you can find in the spring !

  2. Julianne says:

    If you ever go here you have to go to the annual wine tasting festival


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