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Is your cruise line ignoring you? Maybe it’s something you said

Elaine Goldman had just returned home from a disappointing cruise experience on Royal Caribbean. Traveling with her elderly mother, Goldman says she found the food “terrible” and the crew “rude”, which she says a far cry from her previous…

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Norma Rae goes cruising

Oh, what a tangled web I weave. Today, a dear cruise industry friend phoned to tell me congratulations, I was now officially the cruise industry’s “Norma Rae” for my incendiary column. Read for more…

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Buried in a tsunami of e-mails

OyDid you have a boring Monday? Mine certainly wasn’t! My story today on the couple being banned from Royal Caribbean has caused a tsunami of e-mails. Who knew that writing a column about complaining would cause people to write e-mails (and very long ones at that) complaining about the complaining? What do you think? Tell me here. And, if you’ve already written me, I promise I will get back to you!!

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Banned from Royal Caribbean for complaining too much

Brenda Moran speaks to WKYC reporter Mike O\'Mara Somewhere between the plumbing problem, the locked balcony door, multiple complaint letters, and posting their cruise horror stories on the Internet, Royal Caribbean decided it could never do right by these passengers. So it told them to get out there — and to stay out! Think you can’t get banned from a cruise line? Meet the Morans.

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