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Cruise line fuel surcharges coming back?

Scowling manLast summer cruise lines, like airlines, were struggling with the rising cost of fuel. To combat the expense, the industry instituted hefty fuel surcharges upon passengers. As fuel prices subsided cruise lines revoked the fuel surcharge. But now oil prices are again rising – so will the cruise industry reinstate the fuel surcharge? It’s possible.
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So long fuel surcharges, hello zip-lining: a 2009 cruise preview

At this time of year, just about everyone devotes a column to predictions for the year ahead. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can tell you the shape of things to come on the high seas in 2009: no fuel supplements (for now), massive tonnage, new luxury, greener ships, ship makeovers, and — would you believe? — zip-lining and a carousel.

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Take advantage of unprecedented cruise deals

Cruising has always been a good vacation value and now with global economic woes cruise lines have come up with some unprecedented deals to entice people to keep vacationing. Imagine cruising for $25 a day. See what all the hubbub is about and learn how to land the best cruise deals.

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Royal Caribbean raises fuel surcharge for all brands

Grrr...not another fuel surcharge!Royal Caribbean Cruises announced today that it is revising the fuel supplement charged to guests sailing onboard three of its brands. The revised fuel supplements will apply to bookings made throughout the world on or after June 30, 2008. Read for more details…

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