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Top 10 cruise ships for children

A cruise vacation is a great way to travel as a family since many elements of the trip are conveniently wrapped up into one stress-free package. The value aspect is precisely why cruising continues to attract more families and keep them coming back for more. It’s no surprise then that cruise lines are investing heavily in more family-friendly features and innovations in their youth programs. Here are the top 10 ships kids love.

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Aye, aye, captain! You can’t refuse these cruise bargains

Have you been pinching pennies, hoping to save up for a great vacation? Want to take a trip that feels decadent but in reality is a very savvy deal? Get ready to say, “Aye, aye, captain,” because cruise lines are offering a buffet of amazing deals that are hard to pass up.

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Royal Caribbean’s UFO

oasisblimpWhat the heck is flying over Oasis of the Seas as it undergoes its first sea trials? Would you believe a blimp? Well, it’s not exactly a blimp, but according to Richard Fain, Royal Caribbean’s chairman and ceo it is called an aerostat. Read for more…
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BIG ship happens! Royal Caribbean floats out Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship, has been floated out of its dock. The 5,400-passenger Royal Caribbean International ship is under construction in Turku, Finland. Read for more details…

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Bigger is better: Britons get their Independence

Royal Caribbean\'s Independence of the Seas (photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)Will the world’s largest cruise ship that spans four football fields, rises 15 stories high, and carries 4,328 people play in the UK? Royal Caribbean is betting big that the brand new Independence of the Seas will woo Britons with a jolly good cruise.

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