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Carnival speaks: No mutiny onboard the Carnival Miracle

According to Carnival Cruise Lines’ vice president of corporate communications, Tim Gallagher, there is no mutiny onboard the Carnival Miracle. According to Carnival, most passengers understand the need for the itinerary swap due to Tropical Storm Hanna. Nevertheless, there is still a group of guests who are still venting their disappointment. Read for more details…

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Mutiny on the Carnival Miracle!

Argh! According to my colleague at USA TODAY, Gene Sloan, there’s a little revolution occurring on board the Carnival Miracle. The New York-based Miracle was scheduled to sail to the Caribbean, but could not do so because of Tropical Storm Hanna. Where did the Miracle go? Well, to the dismay of the 2,124-passengers on board the ship headed north to Newport, Rhode Island! Read for more mutiny details…

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