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Nice “Johns”

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On June - 14 - 2007

The hardest part of the cruise is getting ready; specifically packing. Not just for myself but for two finicky girls. It is a 16-day trip afterall – they need to have their favorite clothes and the shoes to match. So does mommy. When all was said and done my two 26-inch bags weighed 53 and 52 pounds each. Those additional 5 pounds would run me an additional $100 in charges. I tried in vain to cut back and pack less. I did not want to check a third suitcase as it would be too difficult for us to haul around along with our other two smaller carry-on suitcases. So, when I checked in at the US Airways counter in Pittsburgh I thought oh well pay up. To my good fortune (literally) John the agent cut me some slack and let it slide. Phew!

In Philadelphia we had a five hour layover and I was planning on using my annual lounge pass that I receive through my credit card. The US Airways Club located at Concourse A is huge, but apparently only for Business Class passengers. When I handed my tickets and pass to the agent named John he said that he wasn’t supposed to let me use that in this lounge; however, his boss wasn’t around and he let me pass. Phew, again! If he wasn’t so kind we would have had to haul back to the other US Airways Club in Concourse B – a LONG walk.

Now, we’re one hour away from landing in Rome. The flight was one hour late taking off from Philadelphia because Air Traffic Control was using only one runway. The flight has been uneventful thus far. I am disappointed in the service — eating rigatoni with a plastic ‘spork’ is not an easy task and the flight attendants (all very senior and some whom I flew with when I worked at US Airways) just didn’t have their mojo today. Hopefully the flight home will have a more energetic crew that comes around with water once in awhile.

I hope our room is ready at the hotel. Can’t wait to take a shower and start touring. I must admit the girls are looking pretty tired, I hope they perk up when finally see Rome – I know I will. The key when flying over to Europe is staying up as long as you can the first day you arrive. It’s the only way to acclimate to the six hour time change. If you don’t do this you can ruin days of your stay. There’s nothing worse than being wide awake at 3 AM with nothing to do.

Until tomorrow.

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