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Our big fat Greek tour

Posted by Anita Dunham-Potter On June - 21 - 2007

Again, it’s blistering hot in Rhodes, Greece – 108 degrees! Sunscreen and hats are a must. The Freedom is docked right next to the town’s scenic fortress wall and white houses are mixed with older red tiled ones – very Greek.

We’re off to tour Lindros with its citadel and acropolis. The town of Lindros is very quaint and full of fun shopping opportunities. But, that’s not what we were here for. We are here to hike up to the top of the acropolis and this is no easy feat on a hot day. As we hike along less fit people are dropping out like flies. It’s simply too hot and too steep for a lot of very overweight passengers. I don’t think they realized the tour had this strenuous climb. A lot were mad and angry at Carnival and were whining that they hadn’t been told. I told one woman it’s right there in the brochure it has the symbols for strenuous activity. She wasn’t buying it. Apparently, those Krispy Kremes clogged her brain as well. I simply cannot stand people that blame everyone else for their own shortcomings – no sympathy here.

The view from the acropolis is amazing – the turquoise water against the pale sandstone rocks make for dramatic scenery. The climbing took its toll on my ten year old – she didn’t drink enough water. A bottle later and she was back to herself. It’s so important to keep hydrated and it’s easy to get heat exhaustion quite quickly.

I also can’t stand ignorant (sorry mostly fat people) that push past children standing in line to get on an air conditioned bus. I also can’t stand ignorant people who decide to take your seats that you rode in on the way to the destination on the beginning part of the tour and where my bag was stowed – aka “Texas woman.” This put the girls and me all over the place on the bus. I guess the heat is getting to my temper. I gave “Texas woman” a mean look and she didn’t like it. She asked what my problem was and I told her you took our seats now my family can’t sit near each other. She didn’t budge. Jerk!

I need a drink!

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